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Yii popularity

An acronym for Yes It Is, Yii is popular among developers of extensive web applications like Ecommerce platforms, web portals and forums. It has an easy­to­understand source code, built­in security systems and immense caching support. No wonder Yii development is preferred by huge traffic­powered websites like, and for maximum efficiency.

Yes It Is!

Yii framework answers all development related questions with a single phrase­ Yes It is! It is Fast, secure and hard core professional, enabling developers to handle enterprise level projects without fretting about security issues like SQL injection, cross­site scripting and cookie tampering. Also, you can collect form inputs, validate data and filter output without hassle. Are you worried about bugs? Yii can help make debugging way easier.

Our Capabilities

The web application developers at are qualified enough to understand and manage Object Oriented Programming with all its complexities. As Yii is an OOP framework working on PHP5, we have a specialized team to develop enterprise level projects. Our Yii development services are specific to your business requirements, be it developing Ecommerce sites, travel websites, portals or forums.

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