Year in review: 2020 – How we survived and thrived in a raging pandemic

by Eman Shome January 5, 2021
Year in Review - 2020 -

While Covid 19 raged on for most of 2020, we at did not come to a halt.

Amidst small businesses and even funded startups folding up more often than ever before and among the daily news of job losses and pay cuts we kept moving forward – agile, nimble, and faster than before. 

It was a tough year. Thanks to all the hard work and continuous effort put in by the entire team, we emerged stronger in the new year. 

  • In line with the new normal

Before the nationwide two-month lockdown was announced, our entire team was already prepared for remote work. Having a well-defined Disaster Recovery Plan meant not only were we mentally prepared for the possible changes in work processes but we also did a couple of work from home demo runs to mitigate any last-minute bottlenecks.

This was an achievement, as back then, remote work, for most if not all, seemed like a remote dream. Within days our teams were set to work from home full-time and are still continuing to do so. 

As we are adjusting to the new normal it is only natural that all our work style matches our lifestyle as well. We made sure that the parameters were met perfectly. 

  • Game mode on

The killer virus took a major toll on the economy. Many IT firms lost clients while many more got their contracts curtailed. 

The situation here in DC, however, was far from grim.

In early April, while still getting used to being locked at home 24×7, we onboarded our most famed client of the year – an English Premier League club: Watford FC! 

This huge win definitely brightened the mood of all the team members and everyone resolved to play harder thereon.

At the same time, we helped many of our existing clients to come up with revised digital strategy and solutions to keep the revenue streams flowing.


Clutch Global Awards -


  • Inbound all the way

What was ideal some months ago did not stand a chance once we encountered the pandemic that changed the perception of people worldwide, perhaps forever. 

In the first week of lockdown, we decided to revamp our existing website.

We had to change our approach towards marketing, sales, and attracting talent upside down during these troubled times. Inside sales, as well as field sales, were no more practical options.

We did it in one week flat. Right from UI/UX design and back-end development to copywriting and all the integrations.

A fresher, crisper, and more user-friendly website to better showcase our vision, work, and goals. 

We felt it was inappropriate to reach out to other businesses proactively for business. Businesses are made of human beings first. And people all over the world were struggling. Many still are.

We doubled down on our content and SEO efforts. Launched affiliate and partner programs. These efforts resulted in incremental growth in inbound inquiries and referrals.

About 90% of our new client acquisition in the last six months has been through these channels. The same approach also resulted in us receiving over 350+ job inquiries from all over the country in the last four months of the year.

  • Hello World!

Once we warmed up to remote work, nothing seemed far fetched.

Our mindset changed.

We broadened our horizons.

We started looking beyond Kolkata while hiring new team members. Suddenly we had access to a much wider talent pool.

With all our recent hires coming from different parts of India, we have been able to build a more diverse, talented, and skilled team in 2020 than ever before.

This, in turn, resulted in better than ever before project turn-around-times and higher Net Promoter Scores.

We believe this will also result in the evolution of our company culture for the better in the long run.


The CEO Story Award -


  • Last Christmas

The usually cold December brought much excitement to us. The grit and resolve the entire team showed for the last 10 months since we ventured into the unknown territory of remote work and not seeing each other at the workplace resulted in us bagging two major awards in December 2020.

The leading global ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers, Clutch named us among the top 1,000 global companies in 2020. That’s less than 1% of the total companies listed on their platform.

We also received the Top 25 Customer-Centric Company in India award from The CEO Story in their December 2020 edition.

As 2021 unfolds, we are ready to adapt to further societal, economic, and behavioral changes taking place across the world.

We welcome the new year with determination to find opportunity in every difficulty.