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Startups need to overcome adversities daily

From finding the right co-founder to evaluating product-market fit it’s a nerve wrecking journey everyday. You need to have your MVP launched and outpace your competitors. Any pivot in business structure means immediate deployment of new features.


We bring agility, passion and responsibility

We help you to speed up your go-to-market time and validate product-market fit. Rely on us to keep up to your speed and get things right the first time. Whether you are non-technical founder or a technical founder looking for additional resources, we can help.

Three stages of startup lifecycle

As your startup grows from the ideation stage through the funding rounds, requirements and skill sets need to change with time. We accommodate that.

Ideation and MVP

Minimum viable products need not be scrappy. Right from day one we focus on building a product that your users will fall in love with.

Scalable tech infrastructure

As you find product-market fit and look to expand, our team helps you by putting scalable and secure technologies in place that grows with the business.

Data driven growth

We help you with predictable and fast growth by optimizing the entire customer lifecycle - acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referral.

Don’t just take our word for it

Check out our reviews below. Not only do our clients love the process but they would happily recommend us to others. Wouldn’t you love a similar experience?

We work on all the major tech platforms and suggest only what’s best for you.

Our service capabilities for startups

Quick turnaround

You are never too sure what tomorrow will bring, from adding a new feature into the app to help you design the pitch deck overnight. Rely on us to move fast. Always.

Build to scale

What starts in beta phase with a couple of hundred customers could scale up to millions within a few months. We build scalable applications with the bigger picture in mind.

Great user experience

Your customers define your business. Let’s give them the best experience possible. We follow user on-boarding best practices, and design to increase engagement.

Flawless programming

Use of latest technology and regular testing ensures we deliver you a product that works exactly as it should. No surprises for the end user when trying out your products.

Conversion optimization

Clear, consistent brand message across all customer touch points and data driven focus on conversion is the only way to maximize growth. We do that effortlessly.

Dialogue not monologue

With us, you not only get a helping hand to develop your product, but the project managers and business analysts help you get a better market perspective as well.

Industry Partners

Consult with our top experts on software development,SaaS product development and growth

  • Prasit Bhattacharya

    SaaS Product Development, Business Analysis and Growth expert with 12+ years experience.

  • Subhomay Banerjee

    Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Linux and Networking expert with 15+ years experience.

  • Eman Shome

    Project Management and Agile Development expert with 10+ years experience.

  • Poulomi Roy

    Service Delivery and Business Operations expert with 12+ years experience.

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