Three effective ways to source tech talent for your next project

by Artur Meyster April 14, 2021
source tech talent for your next project

As we continue down the 21st century, we are bound to see new technological marvels that will change everything about how work is performed. With that in mind, succeeding as a company and employer in those times will require a dynamic and powerful workforce that consists of talented tech employees.

No matter how you look at it, tech jobs are the way of the future. Every industry around the world is being impacted by technology and tech workers are becoming more sought after than ever.

The future of work will be a war among companies and employers who are trying to find diverse tech talent that can help propel their company above the rest.

Succeeding in this hunt for a powerful workforce will require knowledge of where to look in order to discover this tech talent.

Partner with trade schools

Far too often, graduates from universities and colleges are seen as the only trusted source for new employees. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the last few years, trade schools have risen in popularity and produce outstanding graduates who are capable of just as much as their university counterparts.

Unlike those traditional forms of education, trade schools, sometimes called vocational schools, feature special courses that train students for a very specific career path.

Most trade schools today focus on technology and have a wide range of courses. For example, General Assembly offers courses that range from UX design to engineering immersion. 

These schools are such a great option as they can be done completely online while retaining your current job. Due to this, many of those enrolled are experienced members of the workforce who are simply looking to change careers. Therefore, trade schools are a great place to sort experienced talent who have the skills necessary to complete as many jobs as any standard college or university graduate.

Trust coding bootcamps

Coding bootcamps are similar to trade schools in that they teach students specific skills that are useful for launching a specific career. However, as you may have guessed by the name, popular coding bootcamps focus on developing students’ coding and programming skills.

What’s so great about coding bootcamp graduates is that their skills can be applied to a wide number of jobs.

In fact, your company may be able to combine a few job positions that use the same coding skills into one. This can save money on employment while also providing you with a gifted employee.

As with trade schools, coding bootcamps are a very respectable place to graduate from and are becoming more common among members of the current workforce.

On top of this, to prove the talent that comes from coding bootcamps, reports show that graduates can start earning somewhere in the range of $65,000 to $70,000.

With a salary this high, along with room to grow, it’s clear just how good a source this is for finding talented tech workers. 

Find Dedicated Resources from Vetted Agencies

With the pandemic yet to subside, sudden variables like lockdowns, consistent work from home routines, and economic disruptions can’t still be ruled out. Many businesses are looking for outsourced hiring to overcome these challenges in recent times. 

Looking for authentic and credible development partners can be a tricky deal. While you can run a Google search to find a few names, quality work and trustworthiness are not assured. 

The best option in such a situation is to trust the most well-known ratings and reviews directories instead of the agencies directly. Clutch and the Manifest are the most recognized such directories focusing specifically on digital agencies. 

Posting a review on Clutch, for starters, requires a LinkedIn profile. One cannot log in to the platform without one or use a fake email ID. This guarantees the authenticity of the reviewer. 

Once the review has been posted, it does not go live on the site right away. The Clutch and Manifest team double-checks the post personally. Only after meeting the necessary standards do the reviews go on the site. 

The reviews themselves are in-depth. From the project budget, objective, and results, the review post covers it all. It is more or less a case study backed by a reliable third party that makes the partner selection process smooth. 

Unlike other review platforms like TrustPilot, which has a basic five-star review system with a one-liner comment, Manifest and Clutch offer independent and verified analysis. 

This makes selecting a development partner far more comfortable and comprehensive. The best part is you can expect your costs to reduce substantially with quality developers available in the range of USD 16/hour to USD 25/hour. 


No matter how you look at it, technology is the way of the future. In the recent pandemic, our reliance on technology has only accelerated the disruption it will cause as well as the importance that will be placed on knowledgeable tech employees. 

To that end, begin to look for your employees or outsourced hiring resources from unique sources to avoid the oversaturated recruitment zones, such as universities or colleges. 

Creating a dynamic team should be any employers’ first priority, but learning how to retain them with meaningful and helpful benefits should be equally important.