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Everyday challenges for small businesses

It takes a lot of conviction and courage to start a business. You deal with daily toil and grind. To keep running and expanding your business, you’ll have to face growing pains. Among many of them are - How to find more customers and increase sales conversion.


Get found and make a lasting impression

This is where our expertise comes handy as we ensure customers find you when they are looking for your type of services or products, be it on Google or social networks. At the same time we create the perfect user experience on the website or mobile apps to grab their attention and increase online conversion.

Three pillars of digital success

Success in today’s increasingly digital world depends on integrated strategy and swift execution. We help you at every stage along the way.

User Experience and flow

Design is how it works. Having the right set of features on your website or mobile apps is critical. Making it intuitive for end users while appealing to your target audience is what we do.

Getting found online easily

Having the best products and services don’t matter if your target audience doesn’t find you online. Our marketing strategies are customized specially for your business to gain maximum visibility.

Content - the key to success

What you say and how you say are equally important. We help you craft the brand voice and to speak the language your target audience speaks. This leads to better bonding and more conversions.

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Our service capabilities for small businesses

All the marketing collaterals you need

From brand guidelines and logo to business cards and brochures we take care of all your marketing collaterals so that you have consistent brand presence everywhere.

Your digital home - your website

All websites are not the same. To be successful online, you need not just a website that looks great, but also that gets your more enquiries, leads and sales.

Google to App Store, be found online

We help you gain maximum visibility on the channels that matter for your business. Be it search, social or being featured on online publications, we do it for you.

Cloud servers at regular pricing

Get the best of cloud infra Google, Amazon and Microsoft has to offer for minimal monthly prices. Better performance, reliability and security than legacy servers.

CRM integrations & automation

Automate manual and repetitive tasks to save time and resources. Have all the information you need in one place to make data driven decisions for better results.

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Be it an emergency or regular updates, count on us to be in constant touch with you to get things done. Stop worrying about delays and deadlines not being met.

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Small business web development services

Having a website in the current times is of utmost importance since it gives the companies a chance to reach out to a larger target audience. However, does having an online business make it mandatory to look into website development for small businesses? The purpose of small business web development is simple. It gives the owners better control over various aspects of their business. Small business web development provides the scope to various companies to adjust the range of products as per their choice. Web development services for small business allows the business owners to make detailed customizations and adjustments possible.

Small business web application development – CRM, HR software, etc.

Small business web application development like a CRM has a lot of crucial roles to play. The entire idea of small business website development fails if the company cannot find an effective solution to the operational challenges. This can only be met through a small business web application development, for instance, a CRM. CRM makes it easy to track profitability. Such a system helps to have a stronghold on the financial expenditure and also forecasts a report based on the predictions. In addition to other small business web application development and small business web development services for small businesses, CRM plays a crucial role as it makes the bookkeeping process easy for a small firm.

In addition to effective CRM, another small business web application development that requires a mention is the various HR software. The different Human Resource Management Software or the HRMS, help in the efficient management of the employees. For any business, the employees and the customers are the two pillars on which the entire organization rests. Thus management of both these crucial aspects must be considered when small business web development is being discussed. Effective HRMS makes it easy to manage the payroll which is one of the primary challenges of a small business. Additionally, these systems play a crucial role in attracting the best talent to the firm. The various HRMS can be integrated into the different social media sites and job boards where top job candidates can view the posts. This streamlines the entire recruitment process.

In addition to these small business web application development, there are many more web development services for a small business that makes operations easy and smooth.

Small business website design – dos and don’ts

Since it has become well established that small business web development has become crucial to surviving in the current times, it helps all small business owners to look at a few do’s and don’ts of website development for small businesses. In that light, here are a few crucial ones to look into for website development for small business:

Don’t sidetrack users: It’s important to consider the target audience. Do make sure your business is search optimized: It’s important to follow the most recent guidelines on all the pages to make sure the website ranks the highest on Google or any other search engine
Avoid making a cluttered layout: Cluttered websites are visually confusing and lead to greater bounce rates
Do make a focal point: Though this depends on the purpose of the website and the products or services it deals in, makes sure there is a focal point of the website

These few do’s and don’ts must be ensured while opting for small business web development.

Challenges faced by small businesses in web development – lack of resources, money, etc.

Small business web development is not without its challenges. Small business website design and development faces a lot of restrictions, and a few crucial ones in this regard include the following:

Lack of resources: While looking into small business web development, it’s important to consider the resources in hand. Most small business houses do not have enough resources to spend on small business website design and small business web services. To deal with this challenge it’s important to define the resources before opting for small business web development. Thus right at the beginning of the small business web development, it’s crucial to consider how much time and money can be spent on small business website design and small business web services. It’s also crucial to consider how much resources will be required for launching and maintaining the various services. Finally, it’s essential to consider the number of people the form can allot to improve and work on the content published on the site.

Lack of Money: Though most small businesses are bootstrapped and have to make do with a shoestring budget, opting for small business website design and small business web services at the cheapest price possible may not be a very good idea. Since the website is a virtual face of the company, compromising on the small business web development may not be a good idea after all. Cheap hosting, website design, and development reflect badly on the company which might go on to affect the speed of the site, customer satisfaction, and delight. To avoid such circumstances from occurring, it’s important to focus on the essential features and make sure the site functions well in speed. Additionally, it’s advisable to spend the required amount of money on design. The cost can be cut down by keeping the site small and crisp, focusing on the essentials. A small, speedy site is better than a fluffy and a clumsy one loaded with irrelevant features.

The problem of optimization: The advent of smartphones and the accelerated use of the same has made internet usage on phones higher. In that light, Google has made mobile phone optimization one of the prime criteria of the search algorithm. In other words, having a mobile-friendly site has become essential and the need of the hour. Google ranks the mobile-friendly sites higher up in the pages and if a business does not have mobile-friendly sites it might find itself losing ranks, or placed almost at the lower ranks of the page results. This is one of the major small business web development services and must be looked into right now. However, a lot of small businesses are facing a challenge to make their sites responsive which is affecting their business in general.

How can small businesses be more profitable with custom web development solutions

As made clear so far, small business web development services are crucial in the current times. A website contains basic information about a business. Think of it as an online store that showcases the various products and services that a company offers, and also highlights how a particular business is different from its competitors. In that light a custom website can provide following benefits to a small business:

The unique factor: A CMS software generally provides ready-to-use themes that do not make a website stand out. However, there are unique themes that can be used. Though these are a bit expensive, they provide a certain uniqueness to the brand and allows it to present its product and services in a format different from others. This illusion of uniqueness helps the business to stand out from its competitors which of course has an economic edge.

The element of speed: Most CMSs provide a lot of built-in-functionality. Any website build on these CMSs has these functionalities by default irrespective of whether they have any use of these or not. Such bloatware can increase the complexity of the site and cause technical glitches which further increases the loading time of the site, thereby hindering the site speed. Website loading time is crucial for an online business. If the sites take a longer time to load then customers tend to quit the search. The speedy site is required since most of the searches are mobile-based these days using a data pack. This is where the custom building of websites comes in as it allows users to completely avoid unnecessary bloatware and functionality.

Small business website development cost

The small business website development cost depends on several factors. For instance, the number of pages for the site is one of the major points of consideration. The small business website development cost for single pages ranges between $500 – $800 depending on the amount of customization required. On the other hand, the small business website development cost for a template website design can range between $2,500 – $5,000 depending on the amount of work required.