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Staying motivated when you are working alone at home

by Aripriya Basu April 27, 2020
Staying motivated when you are working alone at home

Working from home is a dream come true for most introverts. They don’t have to take part in energy-draining small talks or mingle with others against their will.

So for them, this new arrangement of remote working can work out fine.

However, the extroverts are going through a tough time with this continued work from home arrangement.

They are being forced to stay home twenty-four seven and many are lacking the required motivation to go through these tough times.

The mandatory remote working regime is pushing many employees towards isolation and stress.

One recent study has shown 19 percent of people working remotely suffer from isolation.

Isolation leads to loneliness and stress which not only takes a toll on the health of the individuals but affects their work quality in the long run.

However, a lot of companies intend to continue remotely on a permanent basis. Thus it’s important to accept these changes, and the only way to do that is by staying motivated.

The following practices can be your step towards developing it.

Taking a walk early morning

Morning walks have a lot of medical benefits, and owing to the current situation, taking an early morning walk can help you to stay motivated.

Make this a part of your daily schedule. Don’t care for how dark or foggy it gets outside.

Wake up in the early hours, have a cup of beverage and go for a long walk.

If possible avoid listening to music at this time, instead, absorb the silence and gather your thoughts. This is the best time for you to plan your day ahead.

Taking an early morning walk will not only keep you motivated but will also keep you productive for the rest of the day.

Plan an afternoon of fun

All work and no play is not only going to make you boring, it might turn you crazy in the long run.

Thus take action now, and plan an afternoon of fun. Amidst working from home and working for home, a lot many do not get the time to connect with friends.

Thus, allot a specific day and time of the week that you will spend in connecting with people.

If you feel bad about not working, think of this exercise as a way of networking, and that will be essential in the post COVID world.


A lot of people did not get the time to workout while balancing work and private life.

However, working from home opens up the opportunity to stay active, and it’s more essential than ever before.

Most of the jobs in the current times are sedentary in nature and leave very little scope to move around.

But lying around the couch or bed with no physical activity is not harmful, it takes a toll on motivation and self-discipline.

Working out for even half an hour can enhance the productivity level and has been proved by many studies.

Exercising can go a long way to clear your thinking thereby helping you feel productive and energized throughout the day.

Ideally, exercising should be a morning activity, however, if you are busy with other things in the morning, schedule a time for the same in the evening and stick to it.

Reward yourself

It’s time to go back to the childhood days where good behavior earned you small treats. Rewards are an external force and can help you stay motivated while working from home.

To get on with it, set tasks to complete and on achieving those marks reward yourself with a short break to watch an episode of your favorite web series.

Though working from home can be challenging, it’s possible to get things done the way you want.

However, one runs the risk of being unproductive if they Netflix and chill all day long. So it is a good idea to use these as rewards to be given on the completion of certain tasks.

However, do not get carried away with the rewards. Working for an hour should not earn you two hours of Big Bang Theory!

Instead, assign micro rewards to keep the combination of fun and work in a balance.

Identify an inspiration point

Working from home does not necessarily mean that you have to stay indoors all the time.

You can, actually, should move about frequently!

Instead of gluing yourself to the workstation throughout the day, move around in your apartment. Have a cup of tea while standing on your balcony or even your terrace.

Since this is going to be the way of life in the days to come, identify an inspiration spot in your home.

This can be near a specific window in your bedroom or even the lane below your house.

In short, this place should help you clear your mind and calm your nerves so that you can focus on your work better.

The 10-minute rule

While in the office it’s possible to find your supervisors and colleagues to help you out with a task, this advantage is not available while working from home.

Even if you learn how to get the task done, things start to get challenging if it turns you that the task is boring or hard.

If you face such situations, it can seriously take a toll on our motivation level and you may not want to get the work done.

To avoid such a situation, practice the 10-minutes rule while working from home.

As per this rule, you just have to convince yourself to work on the particular task for 10 minutes and then follow that up with a break and repeat the cycle.

Such small breaks will get you in the groove of getting the task done in time and at the same time keep you motivated.

Find your fit

Each person has a different working style. What works for one may not work for another, and this applies while working from home too.

To be truly motivated while working remotely it’s important to come up with a strategy that works for you.

For instance, some find the idea of cooking very relaxing and motivating for continued productivity. While others fall back on meditation.

So, no matter what the podcasts or articles online tell you, if you want to be truly motivated you have to delve deep to identify the strategy within yourself.

Prioritize tasks

Each job involves certain tasks that require immediate attention and some which can be dealt with later.

In order to keep your day productive and to keep yourself motivated, begin your day by prioritizing the task you will get done first before moving onto the other tasks.

Such a structured way of work will keep you motivated as you will be able to observe your work progress and address them practically.

Learn a new skill

Working from home does make way for the opportunity to learn new skills.

Co-curricular activities are always effective and act as great motivators. To that end, find out skills that you were long interested in learning.

This can be gardening, pottery, or any other activity. In addition to work, you need some other things to keep you involved.

The best part is these activities need not be related to your work. Ideally, it should be something that can help you cut through the monotony.

Indeed the days ahead are likely to get tough and mentally taxing. So prepare beforehand and keep yourself motivated for this will be the new way of life.