Must know productivity tips for remote working jobs

by Aripriya Basu July 27, 2020
Productivity tips for remote working jobs

If you are working from home on a remote job, then you are probably aware of the struggles that it brings along. Yes, you get more time to spend with your family, there are no rush hours in the morning and you perhaps have enough time to do both yoga and free-hands.

..but, that’s not all, unfortunately.

Remote working jobs come with its set of challenges, for instance, the dig it takes at your productivity level. Working remotely today, owing to the recent pandemic has thrown a lot of people off balance.

While working on your excel sheet and dealing with clients, you have to decide what will be cooked for lunch, clean up your room, and deal with a ton of distraction.

All this makes remote working jobs quite difficult, especially if you are new to this.

But this is the new normal now, especially since a lot of organizations have decided to stick to this arrangement permanently.

So, what can be done?

Simple, you need to upgrade your productivity level! Thankfully, there are few things that can help you achieve this crucial matra of remote working jobs.

Have a schedule

Office goers are most inconvenienced by remote working jobs, but why? Because they are used to a certain routine.

Usually, a typical office goer’s day starts early, at 7:00 or 8:00 am. This is followed by reading the newspaper, catching up on things on the social media handles, forty-five minutes to an hour of exercise, shower, breakfast and leaving for office.

But for many, this entire regime has gone for a toss.

Now, most of these people are waking up right before logging in, pajamas have become the national attire and there is no time to exercise or to catch up with the daily events.

If you are one following such a routine in your remote working jobs, then it should change now.

Just because you are involved in remote working jobs does not mean you cannot have a routine. In fact, having a routine while doing remote jobs online is essential. Fall back upon the routine you had when you went to the office.

Start your day early, and get things in order before you can sit down to work.

Additionally do not miss out on meals and your social life.

Remote working jobs does not mean you have to turn to a machine, you just need to set some priorities.

Work for dedicated hours

Lack of dedicated working hours is yet another problem of remote working jobs. If you are working remotely today, you may find yourself having a stack of deadlines to achieve even though it might be time to log out.

Quite relatable, isn’t it?

This situation arises in remote working jobs when people fail to dedicate to their work hours. Working remotely does not give you the license to address chores. It simply gives you the scope to make your own routine.

If you are facing a similar problem, go back to your school days, and set time-tables for each task that you need to work on.

However, be realistic while doing this. Do not assign yourself three hours to complete designing an entire website. Make sure your goals are SMART.

Additionally, talk to your managers and help them prioritize your workload.

Remote working jobs require constant communication with colleagues and managers.

Do not shy away from seeking help.

Take breaks

Do you know the function of the refresh button on your computer? It reloads the memory of the computer to provide updated information.

This is exactly what breaks do to the human mind.

To be successful at remote working jobs, you need to take frequent small breaks to “refresh” yourself. Even though your system might be upgraded with all the state of the art software installed, all will be useless, if your mind refuses to create.

Thus, get up from your seat once in a while, move about, make yourself a cup of coffee. Let your system reload with the latest information so that you can perform better.

Unfortunately, you cannot have watercooler conversations with your colleagues in the current scenario, but assign some time of the day to socialize with them virtually.

Breaks can help you perform better in remote working jobs, it helps you reboot.

Use effective communication tools

The success of remote working jobs rests on effective communication to a great extent. This applies both to colleagues and clients.

Since it’s not possible to talk to colleagues face-to-face, having a fruitful and interruption-free communication with them is crucial. To that end, having a few tried and tested tools are necessary,

Slack, for instance, is one tool that has the requirements of remote workers baked in its very interface.

The tool uses multiple channels which makes it possible to talk to all team members together. Additionally, Google documents, sheets, pictures, links, updates and files can be shared on this platform without much fuss.

In addition to text-based communications, many remote working jobs require face to face communication using virtual mediums. Thankfully there are multiple tools available for this.

Zoom, Skype and FaceTime are the most basic ones. However, it’s important to know when to use each of these tools

Let’s consider a client call. If you are talking to a potential client, you will want to make the conversation as easy as possible for him/her. In this context, Zoom is the ideal tool as it is device-agnostic and does not require an account.

On the other hand, while talking to your colleagues or team leads, Skype and FaceTime can be a good option since they have a more personal touch.

Since remote working jobs are to continue for some time in the days to come, acquiring working knowledge of such communication tools and platforms is crucial.

Have a workplace

A lot of people feel having a designated work station is essential to be productive.

Think about it, most people sleep on beds, eat on tables, watch TV in the drawing-room, so why should working be any different?

Working right in the center of the drawing or dining room can get one easily distracted. Thus, it’s essential to find a place or room in your house where you can cut yourself off from the noises during your work hours.

Of course, you can come out of the room or your workstation when you take breaks, but having a designated place is sure to keep your attention locked.

However, not many have the luxury of having an entire room booked for 8-9 hours every day. If you are one of them then this might be the ideal time for you to spend on some effective noise-cancellation headphones.

Play some music track of your choice and make remote working jobs easy.

Avoid multi-tasking

Yes. Avoid it today.

Though you might have heard that one of the key ways to be productive is by multi-tasking, this statement has two sides.

While one way to look at it is the break you get from doing one task continuously, another way is the cognitive cost you pay.

As per a lot of neurologists, every time we toggle between two tasks, we lose some amount of cognitive ability.

For instance, the moment you make a switch between coding and answering to your client’s email, you are losing a bit of energy and brain resources which could be used later.

Thus, set up limits and goals. Achieve those and then move to the next to be truly productive while doing remote working jobs.

Productivity apps

Productivity while doing remote working jobs can be enhanced further with some amazing productivity apps.

Yes, your productivity need not only come from within you. It can also be achieved through certain apps that can help you deal with your everyday life.

One such tool is Sortd. This tool transforms Gmail into a dynamic workplace that enhances productivity while working.

Many a time, you may find yourself wasting time looking at email threads.

Sortd can help you set up boards to deal with emails that generally end up being unread.

Not only that, but you can also set up as many boards as you want

Another must mention tool, precisely an extension is StayFocused. This extension helps to limit the unnecessary time you spend on surfing websites.

You may sit down to work with a lot of goal in mind, have everything chalked out, but at the end of the day, you produce nothing


A closer look at your browser history will perhaps reveal the time you have spent on Facebook, LinkedIn, surfing through irrelevant sites and a lot of other things.

So to stop such distractions, you need this extension. Once the time allotted for each of the sites is used up, StayFocused blocks those for the day!

Now that’s some cool save to be focused on work!

Remote working jobs can be made easy only when you know the area to explore.

Maintaining higher levels of productivity during remote working jobs is not only important for your company but also for yourself.

At the end of the day, you should feel a level of satisfaction, and only productivity can give you that.