The most in-demand programming languages to learn for 2021

by Aripriya Basu October 22, 2020
programming languages to learn

It’s said that bilingual people have a lot of advantages in their professional life.   

If your CV says you speak more than one language you are in for some big chunk of benefits.   

That be the case, imagine being multilingual!    

However, it’s a choice for people. Even if some choose not to know more than one language, they can still make it work in their career.   

But software developers don’t have this option. If you are one, you need to be multilingual, that is know all the trending best programming language for web development! 

As now we are almost at the edge of 2020 (thankfully!) it’s time to make some plans for 2021, (hopefully that will be a better one). 

Apart from the unrealistic reluctant resolutions, you plan to make for 2021, make sure you have some impactful programming languages to learn in your to-do list 2021. 

But which ones? 

We are here to answer that.   

Developers assemble! 

Here’s presenting to you the list of programming languages to learn for 2021. 


Probably you have still not used this, but this is going at the top of the list for programming languages to learn for 2021.   

Developed in 2007, Go is used for APIs and web development. In the past few years, its use has gone up exponentially and some developers even claim that it’s far better than Python!   

As per a survey conducted by Stackoverflow, 67 percent of developers lean towards Go Lang for coding whereas only 15 percent want to try other languages.   

But what makes Go Lang one of the most sought-after programming languages to learn? 

The answer is simply simplicity!   

Using this programming language, you can write code in just within a few days. The language has an in-built garbage collector and that means you need not beat your head over managing the memory.   

Plus, Google has announced the launch of Go 2 which will be far more stable than the current version. So gear up to place GO in your list of programming languages to learn. 


This is yet another computer programming language for beginners and seasoned developers.

The name of the language itself highlights the “weight” it carries and its importance in the IT world is strong.  

Ask any developer.   

No wonder it is one of the fastest-growing programming languages and if you already know it, your 2021 career forecast is all bright and sunny.   

Even though it’s one of the most popular high-level languages, it’s relatively quite easy to grasp. Plus it’s an open-source language that is ideal for you if you are just entering the world of web development.

Thus get your Pungi all piped to entice this snake!   

But why must you place this on your programming languages ‘to learn’ list? 

Because it’s easy?   

Well so is Logo, you won’t see that on this list!   

Well, you need to get a grasp of this programming language since it is used for web and desktop development, machine learning, network server, and much more.   

Once you learn it you will know the benefits! 


In an attempt to “find something better than Java” Jet Brains developed Kotlin and did Brains achieve his goal or what!! 

Like Go, Kotlin is not one of the trendiest programming languages but is surely one of the coolest.   

Put it in your programming languages ‘to learn’ list now.   

If not right at the top, Kotlin is one of the top 5 programming languages in the development world, and if the school has taught you anything you know that the top five is amazing! 

Plus the number of Kotlin users is growing in the GitHub community by the day. So what are you waiting for?! 

Oh the advantages, right.   

So here’s why you must place Kotlin in the first position of your programming languages to learn: 

  •  A great complier
  • Does not include raw types
  • An effective programming language
  • Has an amazing run-time performance 

There, all sorted! 


Yo Apple lovers, we have something Apple flavored for you!   

P.S even if you are an Android lover, you need to put this one in your programming languages to learn list.   

SWIFT is a general use, open-source language. This is one of the trendiest programming languages that will help you to develop native iOS apps.   

But is it complicated to use? 

If you know Python, this Apple wonder should be a cakewalk. Like Python, this one is secure, fast, easy to work with, and yes easy to learn.

Get better at this programming language in 2021 and watch your wallet get fatter. 

Ah! That’s some joy to behold! 

SWIFT provides some cool features like better scalability, offers great readability, and also stops memory leaks owing to automatic memory management.   


There are cool programming languages.

Then there are feature-loaded programming languages

…and then there is Javascript 

*Mike drop* 

It is one of the most popular programming languages. So popular that even non-developers know about it!   

Yeah, of course, it’s not flawless. Thus add-ons like Flow, Coffee script, and TypeScript came into being.   

But despite the flaws, it’s still very useful for some core development.  One of the best features of JavaScript is that it allows the inclusion of interactive elements in web applications and browsers.   

Thus most frontend developers are drawn to it like a moth to a flame.   

However, the run-time of Node.js offers more features.   

Going back to the Stackoverflow survey, 66 percent of respondents are comfortable with developing on JS while 17 percent want to excel at using this.   


While JavaScript is still ruling the development universe, there has been some form of displeasure growing against it.   

As an answer to that displeasure, Microsoft introduced TypeScript in 2014. Within just six years this programming language has gained quite a number of followers.   

One of the key reasons for its popularity was the involvement of Google Google was so impressed by this language that they started developing this instead of their own! 

This was unique as it’s a rare occurrence in the business world.   

Soon enough TypeScript became the backbone programming language for Angular2+ SPA. 

But that’s not all.   

Zoom to 2018, Vue.js announced that they would use TypeScript to develop a version that would fit their framework.   

With so many feathers taped to its back, TypeScript took a big leap forward and landed on the third most favorite programming language position of the Stackoverflow survey.   

Need we go on for you to add this effective language in your programming languages ‘to learn’ list? 

PHP programming language

Once upon a time, there was a programming language that used to maintain personal homepages.   

Then something happened and it became a programming language that took over 23 percent of websites on a global scale    

…and the developers who knew this language lived happily ever after.     

This is one of the best developer fairy tales we could tell you.   

Fortunately, unlike the other fairytales, you can be a part of the happy ending if you put this programming language on your bucket list for 2021! 

PHP programming language is used for creating web pages that are written in HTML.     

Be it a static or a dynamic website, if you know this language you are sorted.   

Additionally, you get access to: 

  • Multiple useful frameworks
  • Have access to a glorious ecosystem
  • Get great community support
  • Get access to efficient automation tools for test applications 


Though last it’s not the least programming languages to learn in 2021.   

Don’t go by Stackoverflow and Octoverse review for this one though. Nor by any other reviews that you might find effective.   

To cut it short, Solidity does not rank top in any of these lists.   

Then why would you waste your time learning it? 

The answer is Scope.   

Heard of blockchain development? 

Well, if you have then you should know that this programming language has a lot of merit for this specific development. 

Go on. Google it.   

Additionally, search for the growth of Blockchain developers over the past few years.   

Then do the math. 

Since the technology is new it will take some time to get popular. But once it’s popular, you will be as popular as plum cakes during Christmas.   

Make your preparations for that! 

There is one thing about development- it changes quickly.   

So knowing all the possible programming languages can keep you afloat. Thus, begin the process today. 


 What are the must learn programming languages? 

If you are a beginner, learning Python and JavaScript is highly recommended. Both of these languages have a great market opportunity in the future that you can access in 2021. Additionally, if you are planning to look for a job in development in the coming year, having hands-on knowledge about these two languages is a must.   

Is Python going to be relevant in the future? 

It just took 25 years for Python to become the leading programming language leaving behind all its competitors. Currently, it is one of the most sought-after programming languages and thus it can be concluded that it will have huge scopes in the days to come.   

Should one learn Python or Java?

The short answer to this is both. Both of these two languages are widely popular having their own sets of merits.