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Professional networking on Facebook – Tips to follow

by Aripriya Basu August 10, 2020
professional networking on Facebook

Is Facebook only used for posting Sunday recipes and movie reviews?

Think again, what do you use Facebook for?

The casual movie update? A restaurant review? Playing “show me my future baby face” games?

Of course, all of these are fun, and indeed you require such stuff from time to time, but is that all that Facebook can do for you? ‘

Maybe not.

Facebook was one of the first professional networking social media platforms which developed a huge following within a few years.

By and by multiple features were introduced in this amazing platform including Stories, Facebook Live, Facebook Groups, Check-ins, and much more.

Many digital businesses use this platform to create ads and run campaigns.


Because, Facebook has the potential for professional networking, and you can unlock a world of change for your business and professional career if you make use of these features.

But the gamut of options available on the platform often leaves people confused. It’s difficult to determine the starting point if you are planning on using Facebook for professional networking.

But no worries, below are some tips you can use to enhance your professional networking efforts.

Create a separate friend list

Excuse me? Can you do that on Facebook?

Of course, you can! If you are socially active, it’s a given that you have built a strong connection list on Facebook including your friends, family, friends of friends, guys/girls you had met in a pub, mutual connection, and what not!

But are these people going to help you with your professional networking? Probably not.

But thankfully, Facebook allows you to create a separate professional friend list. The people from your professional network will ONLY be able to see the posts you make with the aim of professional networking.

The steps are simple:

  • Go to your newsfeed, scroll down and click on Friends from the menu on the left
  • Click on “+ Create List.”
  • Add a relevant label like professional networking or business
  • Select people, you want to add on that list

Now, when you add new people to your connection, you can easily select which person will fall under which list.

Brand yourself well

If you are looking for job networking tips from credible people on Facebook, you need to make your brand pop.

But, you don’t have a brand, Or do you?

Let’s keep it simple: You are your brand. Your face is the brand logo.

So, you have to “market” yourself effectively on Facebook. Now, this can only happen when people get to see you often or hear you talk about relevant and valuable things.


Through Facebook Live of course! In addition to the casual live videos you make at a party, talk about things relevant to your job.

For instance, if you are a content writer, talk about interesting hacks that can enhance a blog. Many industry experts also host live sessions on Facebook. It’s a good idea to follow such people and engage with their comment section to increase your visibility

Pro Tip: Keep the live videos short and interesting and make sure to engage with the comments.

Additionally, share your work as a part of your professional networking efforts. Be it blogs or UX/UI design, put your work out there for people to see it!

Be a part of relevant groups

If you are looking to enhance your professional networking strategies on Facebook, being a part of the various groups is essential.

The Facebook community has been growing since 2017, and Facebook groups became quite popular. While all these days people have been using Facebook for staying in touch with long lost friends and family members; Facebook groups give one the chance to be connected with people from related industries.

Finding the groups is fairly easy. Just hit the menu bar, put in your relevant field of interest, for instance, “mental health” or “copywriting”, click on search. From the search results, select groups, and then add yourself to the most relevant ones.


  • Make sure the group is active
  • Has more than 1000 followers
  • Check the type of content posted

Once you become a part of these groups, you can share your blogs and host live sessions to increase your professional networking efforts. But always be relevant to your audience with the topics and add value in every form possible.

Make friends with the best

While trying to build professional networking tabs in real life, what do you do?

Attend meetings, go to conferences, workshops, meet people, talk to them, share contacts, right?

So take this entire set up on Facebook!

While developing professional networking bonds, connect with influencers you meet on the professional groups. Additionally, add people who receive mentions and are being followed by others.

But will Neil Patel or Gary Vaynerchuk accept your friend request? Well, probably not.

Take no to be on the safe side. In such cases, simply follow them.

They post valuable content that will help you through things even though you don’t know them personally. Additionally, such influencers all have their own groups where they host live sessions.

Try and be a part of those to increase your professional networking efforts.

Create a Facebook page

Surely your friend has a photography page on Facebook? Does his wife have a cookery page? Or a jewelry page? Good for them!

Then what is stopping you?

Having a Facebook page can go a great length to contribute to your professional networking efforts. The function of a Facebook page is simple- showing the world your talents.

It can also function as an online portfolio for the work you have done so far. Having all of your designs and work consolidated under a single banner is very effective.

You can simply send a link to the influencers you network with and they will get brief about your work.

Such amazing features, and that too for free!

All you need to do is create engaging content on your page and be consistent with your effort.

You can also share the content from your Facebook page directly to the groups to enhance your professional networking bonds.

Use Facebook Events

Like Linkedin, Facebook too has a very strong events engine. Multiple events are hosted daily on the platform and many of them are very useful for building professional networking links.

For starters, attend some of these events that are related to your industry. There too the drill is simple- add people who are active and can add some value to your professional networking efforts.

But don’t eat the cookie alone!

Share the details with your connections on the various Facebook groups. Always remember, professional networking is effective when you have a lot of people in the mix

Once you have understood the dynamics of these Facebook events, you can create events of your own and share the details with your connections.

Talk about tips, trends, and best practices relevant to your field and eventually, your professional networking efforts will turn out to be effective.

Collaborate whenever possible

One of the unique networking tips is collaboration, and that can be on any platform.

Once you are able to develop professional networking connections, reach out to them on every possible platform. Be it Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram and look for collaboration opportunities.

But will they collaborate with you?

If you add value to your audience, and if you have produced share-worthy content so far, they will be happy to collaborate.

You may come across people who have a stronghold on Linkedin or Instagram but are not so popular on Facebook.

Collaboration with such people will give you the chance to feature your work on Linkedin and Instagram, while it will give the other person a chance to develop a strong footing on Facebook.

All in all, professional networking collaboration is all about group efforts, addressing the shortcomings of the other, and developing a product from which everyone benefits.

Professional networking is not difficult. All you need to do is find the small things to make a big impact, and the best part is you have all the tools required right in your grip.


Is it important to maintain a professional profile on Facebook?

If you are looking to grow your professional networking platform on Facebook, then yes.

Like every other social media platform, Facebook shows the previously shared posts and activities to the audience.

If anyone from your professional network is interested in checking out your activity on this platform they can do that very easily.

Thus, if the Facebook profile is to be used for professional purposes, it’s ideal to maintain some form of decorum while dealing with the same.

How to use Facebook professionally?

Though Facebook is a social media platform that most people use to keep in touch with friends and family, it can be used to develop professional networking base as well.

For this purpose, it’s advisable to start adding people who belong to your industry. This can be ex-colleague co-workers and influencers.

The apps and friends added to the profile must also be monitored well and the news feed preference must be altered to fit the industry type.

How to increase your Facebook event attendance?

Start by optimizing your event, then post regular updates about the same on various groups and also from your profile. Additionally, make use of effective hashtags and invite your friends to join it.

If you have the budget, you can also promote the event through Facebook ads.