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My experience at – Best decision I ever made

by Nilanjana May 14, 2020
Experience at - Nilanjana Sarkar

To work with designs codes was one of the best decisions I ever made. There was so much to learn, so much to be thankful for. It was simply a great experience at overall. And if you have been a close follower of the career blogs on Quora, then my friend, get ready to unlearn some of those cynical perceptions about the corporate world as well. Because stark professionalism and productivity need not be accompanied by bitterness and resentment all the time. 

But before I start off with my experiences at this wonderful venture, I would like to let you know that although I have always been an impassioned writer, taking up content writing as a serious profession had never been the first thing on my mind. I will always be proud of the way I’ve been brought up to pursue my goals with all my heart. Not once was I discouraged to follow my passion when I decided to. Not once was my prowess as a writer undermined. But being a 21-year-old commerce graduate from a top-tier university does make this journey somewhat happening. Not for my parents, not my relatives, but for me.

I had always considered finance to be a passion until I discovered the difference between something you love and something you’re just good at. I realized that when I was one month into my first full-time job as a Tax and Accounts Associate at a reputed tax consultancy firm in Kolkata. Although initially, everything looked fine, I started to notice something was amiss. It was difficult to put my finger on it, but something was definitely not right. Was it the office environment? Was it the people? Was it the work itself?

It was everything. Although an ideal choice for someone good with finance, a tax consultancy firm could never be the right place for an amateur and passionate writer like me. And although I was about to fall for it, I fell short of being a part of the predominant crowd of toilers who reluctantly wrestle their way to work every day. No, that couldn’t be me. So, I left.

Now was the perfect time to let my guards down and make a career out of my passion. As I went on impressing one client after the other with my freelancing gigs, I knew I was on the right track. By the end of the seventeenth day, I had enough money to buy up all the books that had been lying in my cart!

So, this became serious. I was going to be a content writer. The perks of a lucrative career woven together with love and passion couldn’t have me wait for long. But I knew that in order to achieve success, I would have to hone my skills and learn new tricks in content and copywriting. So, I took a break from freelancing and started to look for internships.

Since I was just a couple of months fresh out of college, I went back to checking our Placement Cell portal for new opportunities. And like every other time, my college refused to disappoint me.

I ended up discovering this immense powerhouse of talent where I was going to work for the next three months. It was a simple yet powerful job profile of a Content Specialist at and I was supposed to send in four articles on the topics of their choice for selection. A week after I’d sent in the samples, they got back to me with the offer for an interview the following day.

Soon after, when I appeared for the interview, they handed me a form where I had to provide some standard personal information along with other details which I found more important such as dreams, ideas, and career aspirations. After I had filled in everything, I was assigned another topic to write on. It took me an hour to complete the article, after which followed two rounds of personal interviews. The first round was presided over by their Service Delivery Head. During this interview, we talked about my education, passion, existing work experiences, future plans, and the like. He was quite cordial and the interview lasted for about twenty minutes and the final round was conducted by the HR.

By the end of that week, I was called up and informed that I had been selected. As it was going to be my first in-office content writing job, I couldn’t wait for the experience and started to look forward to it.

At, I was required to write different articles on a variety of topics across a number of industries. I started out by writing a blog for the online fashion platform MSA and transcended to writing more technical articles for many other clients and themselves. My other members’ workload was undeniably heavier than mine and yet never did they once falter to address my queries. I don’t remember a single instance where my question might have been met with a disapproving frown. In fact, all of them seemed happy to help and the feeling was mutual!

My work predominantly consisted of writing for the website of More often than not, I was at my computer, typing away about the benefits of a social media platform such as LinkedIn, Instagram, outsourcing web development or mobile applications. When I wasn’t writing blogs, I was surfing the internet for answers to the set of “frequently asked questions” that I had created for the website. Although tech-savvy is not exactly what I would call myself, there is no denying that the content was fun to write. Not only did I see my writing skills get better by the minute, but also picked up quite a few technical concepts on the way.

Working with designs. codes, I soon learned that writing might be your passion, but content writing is an entire realm of skills in itself. Content writing goes hand-in-hand with Search Engine Optimization or SEO which helps your content rank high in the more competitive search results of Google. As a result, I learned how to optimize my content with relevant keywords and phrases. Besides, instead of asking me to part ways with my original writing style, respected my capabilities and restraints and helped me to improve my skills for the better. Not only did that allow me to refine my editing and proofreading abilities, but also aced up my speed like never before. My experience at made me understand how to create engaging content that would resonate with the readers. Also to never take a website or a blog visitor’s time and patience for granted. 

Besides blogs and resources for their website, I was also assigned to write for the case studies of our clients. For this, I had to collaborate with several other colleagues from other departments such as the dev team or the project managers and come up with relevant material for the content. Now, being a new recruit, approaching your senior colleagues can be a little scary. You are often not sure how they might respond. They might keep you waiting until the end of the day, or they might tend to you as soon as possible. Fortunately, I never had to deal with the former. Not only were my colleagues extremely understanding and helpful, but they were never averse to go the extra mile either. For instance, when my deadline compelled me to call up one of the Project Managers in the middle of his leave, the friendly tone that my intervention was met with was the last thing I had anticipated.   

That’s when I deciphered the real essence of professionalism and teamwork. Not always would I be satisfied with the deadlines that I was allotted, but that only stemmed from my own oblivion of how capable I could really be. At, I had to receive the tough love and push my boundaries. I had to think fast and act faster. Sometimes, there were no solutions and I had to figure things out by myself. I dare say that only made me realize my true potential and gave me more reason to be thankful to this amazing company.   

My experience at has been that every effort you make is going to be appreciated. They need you to be perfect at what you do but not at the cost of incessant chiding or long working hours. They do not believe in bombarding you with extreme rules and restraints. Want to quietly put on your earphones and work? You’re welcome. Want to play loud music on speakers and just chill when your work is done? You couldn’t be at a place that feels more right. Everyone at is a perfectionist, eager to learn more with each day that passes. They believe in constructive criticism and make you feel like family once you are a part of them.            

In a nutshell, was so much more than what I had expected. I’m grateful to have been able to work with such a wonderful team and will hold this experience close to my heart for all the years to come.