Me and the DC Universe – A place where words are not enough

by Aripriya Basu October 29, 2020
Me and the DCverse -

The first thing I ever wrote was a piece on time in 2004. 

My mother read it and said it was good. Coming from her it was a big compliment. 

Being an English teacher, she seldom praises words. 

I knew it meant something.

Thus after completing my Masters in Social Welfare in 2017 I finally decided to become a writer. 

Of course, like every other teenager, I struggled with a lot of career choices. My desire to become an astronaut at the age of six gave way to becoming a journalist in high school. 

But when it was time to take the final call, I chose to make my passion my profession. 

Thus I opted out of MBA, let go of a fancy marketing job in an MNC, and chose to write. 

It made me happy. 

I started off as an Academic Content Writer. But after 6 months of writing assignments and white papers, I felt something was missing. 

I still loved words. But my words wanted to be someplace else. 

Thus began my search for a switch on the various job portals. 

After a few refusals and quite a few nights of hopeless searching, my phone rang on a Friday morning. 

It was a call from

As a woman of research, I Googled the company casually on the way to the interview which lasted for 5 hours. 

One good article and 2 hours later I was seated across a casually dressed man who asked me what I wanted out of the company.

My answer ” I want to learn all that there is about writing”

And boy did he take that comment seriously! 

He turned out to be the CEO of the firm. 

Within just a few days of working in DC, I realized it was way harder to please him with words than it was with my mother. 

I understood that my words are not enough.

So, I had to upskill. 

Over the next six months, I was made to learn social media marketing, designing, client communication and business management.

The team I worked with supported me to the moon and back. Be it during a distressed client call or with some technical glitch, my queries were always met with remarkable suggestions and sometimes rebuke. taught me that not all IT guys are zombies. Yes, I get off on weekends, I am not on a con-call till 2 am!

Not tied down by corporate hoopla, I get the freedom to try new tools and skills outside my comfort zone. In fact, my team leads ensured that. 

As a mid-skilled content writer, I started hosting a Talk Show for the company, way out of my forte. But again, only words are not enough. 

More than a place of work my office became my home. Every morning I couldn’t wait to get to work. I fell in love with my office desktop and the hot morning tea. 

The water cooler gossips in between client calls and blogging made my day. 

After three years and over 100 blogs later I still feel my words are not enough. 

So, every day I try to be better than yesterday, something I learned in The company has made me what I am today – confident, competent and humble. 

More than my place of work, DC has been an institution for me, teaching me the magic of words and more.

So with a small bundle of learning and a bigger goal set in mind, I am moonwalking towards the days ahead. No, my words are still not enough. But they are way better than before!