Looking for a new job opportunity? Keep these points in mind

by Aripriya Basu January 5, 2021
Looking for a new job opportunity

Le Tom appeared for a job interview. 

Le Tom got the job.

Le Tom is now sad.

Le Tom was stupid. Don’t be like him. 

Tom is sad because he did not look into a few important things before accepting the job offer. 

He just noted the salary and thought that it’s enough. 

So learn from him, and look into the factors other than the paycheque while looking for a new job opportunity.

But, what are these things anyway? 

What all can you possibly need other than a good package while looking for a new job opportunity?

The answer to this question is going to determine your job satisfaction.

Always remember, a peaceful mind is as important as a fat wallet, if not more. 

So here are some of the most important factors that you should put a pin on. 

  • Office hours

It will be a 9-5 job or so thought Tom. Alas, he died on his office chair. 

So, before assuming that the office timings will be 9-5, confirm the same. 

Not every organization has the same work hours. Additionally, there is something called after-work hour. You know, where you wrap up for the day, address the last moment issues and all. 

In addition to knowing the work hours, find out about the after-work hours. 

The office hours at your new job might be different from what you were used to earlier. Maybe you will be the rooster in the graveyard shift! 

Know that your life will change as your office hours do and it’s crucial to understand that while looking for a new job opportunity. 

  • Your team

There can be nothing more depressing than having people in your team who don’t share your values. 

Thus team dynamics is a must to consider while looking for a new job opportunity.

To that end, try to talk to as many people as possible during your interview process. 

No, don’t take the hiring manager’s words for it. 

They are likely to highlight only the talent and dedication of the team. 

You will get the juicy bits from the team itself. By interacting with the people from the team you will get a clear idea about the group dynamics and management. 

But these people won’t come walking by to discuss their team with you.


You need to roll up your sleeves, switch on your spy mode and do some research. 

Look for people higher in the hierarchy. These can be the team leads and managers. 

Most companies have some detail about them on the website. Read those. 

Pro Tip: Search them on social media, especially LinkedIn. Check to see the kind of people they are. 

Whether or not they are supportive of junior talents. 

Their posts should provide a look at their personality.

  • Culture

How can you determine something intangible like office culture before you join the organization?

Not every company is Netflix and lays it down extensively on their website. 

Or is it?

Heard of Google reviews or Glassdoor reviews? 

Yeah! Now we are talking! 

On these portals you will get some insights about the kind of people who work in the organization and whether or not they are happy about it. 

In addition to the review portals, check out the company’s social handles like LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Generally, most companies post updates about celebrations and team building events they host. These are information gold mine!

Though you won’t get an exact idea about the culture, a sneak peek is what you need while looking for a new job opportunity. 

  • Benefits

The hiring organization is looking at their benefits while hiring you, so you might as well look at yours. 

Go for a me-first approach before signing the dotted line. 

Never ever be like Tom in this case!

Remember your base salary is just a fragment of your compensation. Look at the other benefits that the company does or does not provide. 

These can include medical and retirement benefits, bonuses, paid time offs or sabbaticals, and a lot more. 

Ask as many questions as you want to the HR at this time. 

How many holidays does the company offer?

Do they have flexible work hours?

Can you encash your leaves?

Are there travel benefits? 

Go back to being the curious child and ask as many questions as required to get all your doubts answered while looking for a new job opportunity.

  • Take time

This especially goes out to those who have more than one job offer on the table. 

Again, do not let the salary be the deciding factor. 

If you have the offer letter, the job is yours for the taking, thus don’t charge at it like a Spartan. 

Take some time, sit on your enthusiasm, and weigh the perks of one offer against the other. 

A better way to decide which company you would like to work for is by actually working with them for a day. 

This, however, can be tricky. Not many companies will allow this perhaps. But you can ask them if you can observe one of your colleagues at work throughout the day. 

Then you can decide which will be an ideal fit for you while looking for a new job opportunity.

  • Growth opportunities

Don’t stick to Yes Ma’am No Ma’am answers during your interview process. 

The panel is not there to check your obedience quotient. Ask questions, the more the merrier. 

Most importantly ask how will you grow with the firm and how can it help you develop your skills over time. 

No, they won’t be angry. In fact, this question will paint you in some fine colors. 

You will come across as an individual willing to invest time and effort for your development which in turn will help the company. 

Companies don’t recruit to fulfill short term goals. Don’t forget, the hiring process costs the company and they don’t like to repeat the processing time over and over for the same position. 

Once they come across a candidate who is willing to invest in themselves, they know for sure that the candidate will be an asset to the firm.

You need to check if the future opportunities envisioned by the company align with your personal goals. Then only can you can be in a position to accept an offer. 

Pro tip: Find out the ex-employees or the senior managers of the firm on social media and check out how they grew and over what period of time. 

While looking for a new job opportunity, growth opportunities must never be overlooked. 

  • Company track record

Would you marry someone you have no idea about?

An absolute stranger off the street?

No, right? 

The same applies to accepting a job offer from a company you have no idea about. 

Both marriage and a job is a long term relationship, at least we want them to be.  So, extensive research before choosing your life partner or professional partner is required. 

Thus, start off by checking the website of the firm. Do they have mentions in online or offline magazines? 

Run a search of the company name, what sort of results do you see?

Are there noteworthy mentions of the firm or are there red flag articles like that of pay cuts and layoffs? 

This is very crucial while looking for a new job opportunity and you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. 

In fact, this should be your first step while looking for new challenges and opportunities. 

  • Check your social media, clean it 

Even before you start looking for a new job opportunity, look at your social accounts. 

Is there anything off-putting that might stop a hiring company from reaching out to you?

You are not the only one with internet access and doable stalking skills 😉

The company you have applied for also has people whose job is to determine whether or not a candidate is an ideal fit.

They employ the same techniques that you do to judge the credibility of the firm – they Google you!

That means they get to see your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other websites that mention you. 

While you cannot do anything about those websites, you can surely clean up your mess (if there are any) on your social media channels. 

Get rid of the political posts and other controversial things that might impede you from getting a job. 

Keep it clean, humorous, and engaging if not absolutely professional. 

  • It takes time

A job offer is not one-minute macaroni and cheese. 

It takes time, and sometimes, more time than you expect. So be patient. 

Do not be under the impression that the first interview will be the last one. In fact, it might be the first of the many lined up for you. 

You need to understand that the company wants to find the ideal candidate for its operations. Thus they use multiple filters to eliminate the candidates from a vast pool to select one. 

To add to it, many companies are now implementing trial periods for candidates where they have to shadow an employee for a day or even for a month!

All these elaborate arrangements are to find that one perfect candidate who will grow and add value to the company. 

So, don’t jump on any offer or job while looking for a new job opportunity. 

Evaluate your evaluation and you land the job you deserve.


What to say when you are looking for a new job?

Most interviewers ask this question and it’s often confusing to find a good answer. The following are a few satisfactory answers that you can consider:

  • Explain that you have outgrown the role you were hired for in the last firm
  • The need and desire to have more flexible working opportunities
  • Explain why you feel the role you have applied for is the best for you

What are the features of an ideal job?

There are multiple features that an ideal job has. The most prominent ones are:

  • A positive work environment
  • Great team dynamics
  • Appreciation and value
  • Freedom and work flexibility
  • A work that suits an individual’s personality

How to answer “why should we hire you”?

This is perhaps the most common question asked in an interview. Some of the best replies include:

  • Explaining that you work exceptionally well with deadlines
  • You find it a culture fit instead of having to adjust to the culture
  • The skills you possess can be of great use to the firm