Importance of writing skills for engineers – Practice daily to get better

by Aripriya Basu November 6, 2020
Importance of writing skills for engineers

Do you know what Durjoy Dutta, Chetan Bhagat, and Anand Neelakatan have in common? 

They are all engineers-turned-writers!

Well, you might not want to be the next bestselling author, but you need to understand the importance of writing skills for engineers if you wish to shine in your career. 

Who says words don’t mix with maths? In fact, they should be served in combination! 

There is a great importance of writing skills for engineers. You may be good at your work, but if you can’t explain your work to your seniors or teammates then it might become an issue. 

You need words. Only calculation will not slice the cake. 

But that’s not all that makes the importance of writing skills for engineers so pertinent, there are a few other things that go in the mix: 

Better communication

What if your boss asks you why you are holding back a certain project and pushing another and you don’t have the right words to explain your stand? 

You can’t certainly go chasing someone else to explain the situation, can you? 

You need to explain it and that needs words. 

This situation should highlight the answer to what is technical writing. Your written communication backed with your technical knowledge will explain your arguments better to the management. 

Oh no, presentation of technical data won’t be enough in this case. 

Furthermore, you will feel the importance of writing skills for engineers when you have to explain new ideas to your bosses. 

This especially applies to projects that have a lot of technical terms. 

Not everyone in the company might be comfortable with jargons. In such cases knowing an easier way to explain the situation will work to your benefit. 

Easy and better experience

Here is another importance of writing skills for engineers. 

You may not have the time to write lengthy detailed reports about your project. But you will need to write meeting minutes and send frequent updates via email. 

This will require you to know some basic content writing skills. 

If you are in the practice of writing, such written communication will be easy for you to handle and soon you will realize that they are effective and an efficient means of communication. 


You may have completed a complicated project successfully. 

Now congratulations are in order as you are the first one to make a breakthrough. 

On the evening of your celebration party, you may be asked to provide a detailed technical document outlining your use of libraries, extensions etc. and along with all the dependencies and variables involved. 

Even if you have told them about the process, the company requires you to write a document. 

You are in a fix and the words are eluding you. 

Tough spot, huh? 

Had you been in the habit of writing, you would not be in this mess, to begin with. 

Today all engineers are required to write clear concise effective documents for all technical processes. 

These serve as a comprehensible guide for the future generation of engineers thereby highlighting the importance of writing skills for engineers. 

Developing leadership

Do you think learning the art of writing is a waste of time?

If so, then sorry, you can’t be a good leader of multidisciplinary teams. 

Obviously, you don’t think you will be working with only engineers all throughout your life, right? 

As you escalate in your career graph you may be required to lead a team of developers, designers, and marketing people.

They might not understand all the technical terms. 

So what? You let go of your desire to become a manager or career growth because you can’t explain things to them? 

Would it not be easier for you to understand the importance of writing skills for engineers right now and start working on it? 

Think about it. Act on it. Start today! 

You can find some handy tips on how to improve your writing skills here.

Better job prospects

Surely you are an ace engineer. But how will the recruiters or hiring agency know that? 

Well, through your words of course! 

Your practical skills will come into play later, you will first have to land the interview and for that, your resume and cover letter are crucial.

As per many hiring experts, it takes less than three minutes to determine whether a cover letter is worthy of further consideration. 

That is the brownie point you have to aim for. 

You possibly cannot build or program something to create the first impression! It’s easier with words. 

Use them carefully to take their hearts away! 

Understand the importance of writing skills for engineers when you still have time by your side. 

Reach out to the global audience

In this world of technological advancements, it is hard to find an individual who has not heard about Quora or Medium. 

Additionally, you have LinkedIn and Twitter where thoughts and views are being shared continuously. 

But why do you need to know all this? 

You are an engineer! Yes, you are but how many people know about you? 

A few from your office? Your friends and family? That’s not enough. 

If you wish to grow in life you have to reach out to as many people as possible. You have to make them aware of your skills and what you aim to do with the same. 

The quickest way to do this is by writing blogs. 

If you understand and accept the importance of writing skills for engineers only then can you write articles for people who aren’t as deep into programming and technology as you are. 

Oh, don’t neglect these folks. They might not be an expert in your field, but they might have the job you desire. 

Say the CEO of a big manufacturing company. 

He might be from a marketing background himself, but he may be in the need of a senior engineer to look after one of his mammoth units. 

Are you sure you want to pass off such a big opportunity just because you feel engineers don’t need words? 

Creating documents

Okay, let’s stick to only your work sir/ma’am engineer. 

Depending on the number of employees, the company size, and the structure of the organization, it will be your responsibility to create technical documents like user manuals, system specifications, and instructions. 

If you don’t want to understand the importance of writing skills for engineers now how will you get all these done?

Not only will these documents have to be within the technical standards but they also must be easy to understand for non-technical people. 

Also, do you know how handsomely the technical documentation engineers are paid? 

Go on, run a Google search 😉

Research and development

You did not become an engineer just by wishing to be one, right? 

You put in the required amount of effort, burnt the midnight oil, researched on your own and so you are here today. 

So why did you stop all that? 

Did you think it’s all done? Well, it’s far from being done, my friend. 

In fact, it just began! 

Your research will require more research and presentation if you wish to grow in your career. 

Not only that, you have to present your research in a way that everyone understands, the technical and the non-technical people alike. 

For that, you need to have a good grasp of words. So get started with it. 

Pursuing one field does not mean you leave out the rest, especially, if it’s writing and effectively conveying your thoughts and ideas to others. 

Writing is more than a skill these days, it’s a necessity in all fields of work. So stop shying away from it! 

Practice writing today, for words, sell like hotcakes. 


What is the importance of writing skills for engineers?

Engineers need to acquire writing skills as they lead to the simplification of complex scientific data. Competent writing skills allow engineers to bring their thoughts and ideas closer to regular people who require the products and services created by the engineers. 

What sort of writing should engineers learn?

There is no hard and fast rule about the type of writing an engineer should know, but most often technical writing skills and using correct grammar comes in handy for engineers especially if they work in software companies. 

How to develop writing skills?

Start by practising the following points:

  • For starters, brush up your writing skills by focusing on grammar and spelling
  • Practice writing regularly without fail
  • Read more be it books, journals, newspapers
  • Join free writing courses and workshops