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My experience with in the past one year

by Arka Sen June 29, 2019
experience with

Working with for the last one year has been an experience that I am going to cherish all through. Being the first full-time job that I took up, gave me the opportunity to learn, implement and grow both professionally as well as personally.

A full-service digital agency, they taught me how to work smart and deliver consistently under pressure in the most efficient way possible.

One of the best aspects of working here is that right from the top-down, everyone believes in delivering quality output, to the highest standard possible, irrespective of the job role.

Another factor I came to appreciate over time is how they have never failed to laud the hard work and effort that all team members put in day in day out.

Chasing a mirage seems to be easier than seeking job security in the private sector these days. The only way to stay on top of your game is to keep learning and executing. Consistency is the key. Flash in the pan stuff won’t work. Follow this and my experience is that you are sure to have a rewarding career here.

The informal work environment that I am a part of now is liberating. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the intensity and effort level at work here is at its peak at all times.

What helps, and I’m sure that I speak of others’ here as well; is a pat on the back or encouraging words of the team members to get by even on the most grinding days.

My job role is that of a content specialist, however with time I have taken up other responsibilities such as social media management, on-page SEO optimization etc. This not only helps to break the monotony of dragging on with one job but also gives me the opportunity to explore more.

Content creation is at the core of digital marketing. Given my job role not only did I have to coordinate daily with other team members in the marketing department but also need to interact with clients regularly.

Over time this I believe has benefitted me to gather my thoughts together and speak up when I feel the need.

Not everything in life comes easy and my job here is no exception. Made mistakes, missed deadlines. Sometimes those mistakes made the lives of account managers a lot more difficult.

While I sure wasn’t made to feel elated when any of that happened, what makes all the difference is that no one here will ever be crucified for honest mistakes. Not unless one keeps repeating the same over and over again. Then you don’t deserve a job anyway.

Predicting the future isn’t exactly the KRA for a content specialist. I might be working here for years to come, or might just move on to something different soon. Who knows, but this place sure will remain close to my heart forever.