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10 Hacks to build a personal brand that stands out

by Aripriya Basu August 14, 2020
build a personal brand

If you wish to become an online influencer, start to build a personal brand.

Neil Patel did not become who he is in a day. It took him years and continuous work for quite some time to position himself as an authority in digital marketing.

Not everyone is #Binod, rising from the ashes of YouTube comments!

Personal branding is easier said than done. You may not even know what to do if you want to build a personal brand.

Where do you start?

Whom do you reach out to?

What strategies do you use?

It’s all very confusing at this moment, right? Nevermind.

Relax. Take a deep breath and go through these simple 10 points that can help you to build a personal brand right from scratch.

Become discoverable

There is no point in having a brand if recruiters and hiring managers of your target companies cannot find you online.

Thus even before you get on with the rest of the nine points addressed in this blog, focus on being discovered.

To that end, have a rock-solid profile on the most popular social media channels like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Make sure your profile is SEO-optimized.

But how?

Simple, use your keywords well.

If you are into copywriting, mention that in your profile along with other associated keywords like “content writer” “SEO writer” “blogger” “technical writer” “content curator” and such other terms.

This applies to EVERY social media handle you have, even if it’s a dating app like Tinder!

Since most of these platforms ( including Tinder) provide networking opportunities, don’t miss out on any chance to be “seen”.

Professional headshots

A brand always has a brand ambassador, and in case you are to build a personal brand, you become the face of it.

But it’s a professional brand, you are surely not a teen trying to get more followers on Tiktok, so unprofessional pictures, especially selfies will not do.

While you need not look like a model, but a picture that highlights your personality is enough.

Make sure you use only such pictures for your social media handles.

A sellable tagline

Do you know what sells the most in the current times?


Oh yes, words sell like hot buns! Think about it, copy, content, SEO, analytics, engagement, things that you deal with every day to boost your profile, are nothing but words!

Thus, it’s crucial to have a killer tagline that will intrigue the audience.

However, the ideal tagline should be:

  • Short
  • Crisp
  • Easy to remember
  • Catchy

Hosting live sessions

Facebook and Instagram live these days are ideal to build a personal brand. It can either be a solo live session where you can answer questions or one with a guest.

However, lives only become effective once you gain experience. Thus live sessions come in handy after some time in your build a personal brand journey.

But where would you host these?

Well, the world wide web is at your service!

Get in touch with the various Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin groups related to your field of expertise and host your sessions there!

Start a hashtag trend

If you are active on social media (as one trying to build a personal brand, you should be) then you have probably noted that many influencers use a customized hashtag with their posts.

As more and more people follow the influencer, they follow that particular hashtag, and soon it has a high reach.

This, in turn, affects the brand of the influencer!

So, if it applies to them, why won’t it work for you?

To build a personal brand, curate a hashtag, and use the same in every social media post.

Pro Tip: Share it and ask people to follow the same.

Strong LinkedIn presence

For someone trying to build a personal brand, an active LinkedIn profile is a must. Additionally, frequent and regular posts are also essential.

Linkedin also gives one the chance to connect to individuals for diverse industries. Thus, it is one of the most sought-after networking platforms in current times.

To build a personal brand on Linkedin, make sure you are doing the following:

  • Making at least one post daily
  • Adding relevant people to your connection
  • Engaging with others
  • Updating your profile often

Event up

Hosting events on Facebook is quite a rage now. So, if you are to build a personal brand, try hosting an event on Facebook.

However, do not leave it to dangle there. Share the events with your friends and ask them to do the same.

A day or two before the event, move onto the next stage and boost the event so that more people can see it and your engagement goes up!

Though you may be in the first stages to build a personal brand, if you are hosting a live event try Eventbrite.

This platform can help you reach a larger pool of audiences in no time. Events are always effective to build a personal brand. They give you a chance to connect with your customers on a more personal level.


United we stand, divided we fall, applies to build a personal brand too.

Just that, the phase is now called collaboration!

Collaborations in the digital field happen every day. With the rise of the new social media apps, a lot of digital influencers have also become famous.

Your work is to find such influencers from your industry and collaborate with them.

You can also try cross-promoting their products and reach out to a bigger audience pool.

Collaboration, by big brands, has set up some great personal brand examples to follow.

For instance, Calvin Klein in their recent campaign with Justin Bieber reached out to the youth.

To that end, before you start to collaborate to build a personal brand, keep the following things in mind:

  • Product type
  • Target audience
  • Demographics
  • Age group

Based on these factors choose your influencer to build a personal brand.

Meme it

The recent #binod trend has taken social media by a swirl.

People from across the world want to know who Binod is.

Now, you may not know who he is, but you can surely hijack this trend to build your personal brand!


Simple. By creating memes around it!

Companies like Tinder and Oyo have already used #binod for their promotional content, so why not you?

Come up with catchy promotional material around a popular social trend and sail in the direction of the wind.

The more people share your meme and post, the more popular your brand gets.

Network outside the grid

One of the best means to build a personal brand is meeting new people, offline.

Yes, offline!

Come out of the grid periodically. Do not forget the difference between the real and the virtual world when you are trying to build a personal brand.

Keynote speakers or entrepreneurs did not become what they are simply by doing everything digitally.

While the digital presence is essential, you cannot ignore the real world. To that end, hosting seminars and talking to a small crowd in clubs, schools, and colleges can be a good idea.

However owing to the pandemic, this idea will have to be kept shelved for a while. But when it’s time don’t forget to use it!

Indeed it does take some time to build a personal brand. But once done, it is sure to get you a world of benefit.

A true influencer will always find an audience. So before you start to build a personal brand, focus on the value you will add to people.


How to build a personal brand?

To build a personal brand online you will first have to be discoverable. For this purpose plan your SEO well and make sure all your social media handles and profiles are optimized.

Additionally, make sure all the handles clearly state the purpose of the brand. Personal branding is also heavily dependent on your brand portrayal, tagline, and professional pictures.

So make sure you have all these in place.

How do you present yourself as a brand?

To present yourself as a brand, you have to connect with people from your industry and engage with them on different social handles.

Share your experience and insights on different social media channels, especially LinkedIn, to earn credibility.

Following this, host live sessions, post short videos, and curate content that can help people from your industry.

What is needed to create a successful personal brand?

Personal branding is not a one-day thing. It takes time and requires a lot of effort. However, to start it off, you have to first build your foundation.

That involves following influencers from your industry and engaging with their content. It’s also important to choose the type of audience you will want to cater to. Depending on this, you will have to create a content calendar.

For instance, if your target audience is more active on YouTube, your content will be in the form of videos. If they are on Quora, then blogs and posts are ideal for you. Your social media handles and website must be optimized so that people can discover you easily.