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How to outsource web development – everything you need to know 

by Avik Mitra January 3, 2019
outsource web development

Web development has become one of the predominant aspects of a successful organization, no matter what industry they deal in. In this dynamic era, where technology shifts with every little change in our tastes and preferences, the website that you create must be flexible and responsive enough to assimilate with the market demand. If your organization does not specialize in Information Technology, then the best option for you would be to outsource web development.

Outsourcing of web development has become a popular and effective process of building the website by entities from industries other than Information Technology. But how to outsource web development smartly? From a sea of emerging outsourcing companies, how to select the perfect team to work with? How to execute your role with perfection so as to ensure the smooth development of your project? Present below is a list that elaborately discusses the things that you need to know regarding how to outsource web development.

1. Why should you outsource web development?

Outsourcing web development is a systematic and efficient way of getting your work done, especially when the company that you outsource to has a niche in meeting the web development requirements of its clients. But before you hire a different entity other than yourself to execute the development of that brilliant website of yours, you need to contemplate a few aspects related to the process of outsourcing. So, let assist you in identifying the crucial facets of outsourcing web development.

To avail expert assistance:

Your organization might excel at a lot of things, but if web development is not your forte, then it is better for you to outsource the activity. Through the process of outsourcing web development, you can involve a team of interested and experienced developers and designers to assist you in the development of your website. These independent consultants are usually very focused and competent since their foremost intention is to preserve you as a client and not just to execute the work in return for a regular paycheck.

expert web developer

To outsource web development, you need to present your plan to the outsourcing team in specified details to facilitate a more comprehensive insight into what you want your website to contain. Not only would the outsourcing team carry out your web development, but also advise you on how to improve on the features and design of the blueprint that you have in mind. As a consequence, if you outsource web development, your work is more likely to be finished with genuine command and precision.

To reap the benefit of time:

What would you do if you discovered that you did not have the right person in your organization to exceptionally carry out some business activity? You would hire. But even when you think of it, the hiring process is quite prolonged and time-consuming, where you might end up not hiring anybody or hiring the wrong person altogether. Moreover, even if you find someone eligible, it would usually take some time for the person to assimilate into the work environment and business operations of your organization. Several problems, like behavioral issues, dress codes, a lack of understanding, etc., might make it difficult for the new hire to be able to accommodate in the new place.

On the contrary, if you decide to outsource web development, it would save you quite a lot of time. This is because you would already be partnering with a team that knows what they are getting themselves into when they agree to work on your project. As you outsource web development, you entrust the project to a team that would already be prepared with its infrastructure and manpower to handle your project. As a result, your project would be ready in way less time than it would if you developed it in-house.

To achieve the best quality:

In the current business scenario, it is safe to assume that you are not the only one who would like to outsource web development. The demand for this service is so high that you are guaranteed a great quality of work from most of the outsourcing teams around the world. And yet, when you decide to outsource web development, you must ensure that the team you are selecting is experienced and competitive enough. Instead of outsourcing, if you simply attempt to hire someone new as your developer, then the results might not always meet your expectations.

Quality web development

Without being involved in the IT industry, it becomes quite difficult to be able to fathom the performance of your new hire whose work is purely concerned with coding and designing. To accurately track his productivity, you need some proper measure against which you can compute his capacity. Moreover, you might also require the recruitment of another person to monitor his work. But despite all endeavor, you might still end up without receiving the desired outcome.

On the other hand, if you outsource web development, you will not have to worry about the quality of the service. You will be outsourcing to a team of reputable developers and designers who are reliable and proficient enough for you to be able to put your faith in them. If you outsource web development, you can most likely sit back and relax while your work gets done by experts.

To access the latest technology:

If you outsource web development, you can be confident that your work is being subject to the latest technology as most web outsourcing companies are well equipped with modern tools and facilities. Superlative infrastructure should be a predominant ingredient of every web outsourcing company. This helps them configure your website with the latest features and options that would meet the demand of the market. As you outsource web development, you will be open to a lot of options concerning the technology that you would like to be used in the project.

The outsourcing company is usually able to furnish you with a wide array of technologies for web development, coupled with a trained team of experts, comprising UI/UX designers to enhance the flexibility of your website and render it more user-friendly, Quality Assurance (QA) to detect bugs and a competitive project manager to coordinate the entire web development process. Since technology keeps getting updated with every passing hour, it is very important for your website to be instilled with the contemporary features that the customers would be able to relate to. If you outsource web development, you can be assured that your website will receive all the necessary updates required for a superior interaction with your customers.

To alleviate the cost of operation:

Another reason why it is advisable to outsource web development to a web outsourcing company is that outsourcing will bring down your cost of operations. You could take up new people on board to become your developers and designers, but not only does it not assure you the best service, but it also consumes a reasonable part of your resources. When you hire new developers, you need to invest quite a lot in them in terms of salaries, paid leaves, sick leaves, holidays, benefits, healthcare, and insurance, all of which keep rising every year with the increase in the cost of living and electric bills. Although it is quite necessary to keep expanding your workforce and deliver to them the best consideration for their services, why would you add to your existing team despite knowing that you could be better off outsourcing?

cost of web development

Recruiting is not always the smartest choice. When you outsource web development instead of hiring new developers yourself, you obviate all the auxiliary expenses that accompany the recruitment. Moreover, if you outsource web development, you will not have to invest anew in modern tools and equipment to carry out the specific development process. When you outsource, the outsourcing company takes care of all the technical requirements and that saves you quite some money that you would have otherwise spent on new devices and machinery.

To split responsibility and emphasize other business operations:

Being a company that does not deal with information technology, you would find the process of web development quite onerous in the absence of a proper person to carry out the work. Despite having little knowledge and experience in the field, if you venture out to do the task by yourself, then along with constructing the website, you will also be summoning up a lot of risks.

On the other hand, if you outsource web development, you will be able to share the responsibility of the website with the outsourcing team. As a consequence, the risk associated with the development and designing of the website will also get disseminated between the two entities. The outsourcing team will be able to identify and assess the degree of risk affiliated with the front-end and back-end development of the website and as a result, address the threats with their skills and expertise.

Now that the entire responsibility of your website has been outsourced to another entity, you are left with additional time to invest in other business operations which are of considerably equal or greater importance. When you outsource web development, you are actually able to focus on the business operations that you have a niche in handling. If the remaining business activities that demand your expert attention have to suffer because you are too busy orchestrating a task that you are not very experienced at, then your entire business will be at the brink of incurring huge losses.

2. Factors you need to consider before you outsource web development.

Since it is one of the smartest ways to build an amazing web presence, there are certain points you should keep in mind before you outsource web development.

What kind of website do you want?

This is the most obvious factor that you should contemplate before you team up with a web development company because this is where the story starts. There are different kinds of website that you need to be aware of. What kind of website would actually suit you depends on what purpose you would like your website to serve. So, as the first step in building a website, let us see which one is actually waiting for us!

  • Brochure Websites (Static and Editable)

If you create an online version of your business card, it becomes a brochure website. As simple as that. A brochure website relays all the relevant information associated with your business, including the services you provide, your contact details, opening and closing times, and so on. While a static brochure website is the one that cannot be edited, an editable brochure website is what most small businesses find convenient.

  • E-commerce Website

If you would like to create a website through which clients would be able to pay for a product or service online, then e-commerce is the right website for you. Such a website can facilitate B2B as well as B2C payments. A popular example is eBay.

  • Social Media

social media marketing

Social media websites are fun and flexible as they allow different people to interact and share stories and pictures. If you want to build a social media website like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, you would have to outsource the web development to a really skilled team since this kind of website requires a lot of dynamic content.

  • Portal

In a specifically formulated web portal, information is accumulated from miscellaneous sources in a systematic manner. These sources include emails, search engines, different online platforms, and so on. While Yahoo used to be a popular example of a web portal, this kind of website can also be quite helpful for schools and universities where students find it convenient to avail all the emails, files and alerts at one place.

  • Wiki

If you would like to create a website that any person who has access to might be able to alter, then this is the kind of website you are looking for. Here, the users can collectively improve the composition and arrangement of the website directly from the web browser. A popular example is Wikipedia.

How would you like to outsource web development?

Before you outsource web development, you need to determine how many contracts you would like to maintain to that end. You can outsource to a number of web development companies, each specializing in a specific aspect of the development process of your website. For instance, you can outsource the back-end development to a certain company while the designing can be outsourced to a different team. The content can be outsourced to yet another entity.

Disseminating the different activities relating to the development of your website to separate entities would not just be exorbitant, but would also impair the quality of the end product, owing to a lack of proper coordination. As a result, it is always better to outsource web development to a single outsourcing team that would excel at each and every aspect of the development process. Outsourcing to a particularly good web development team would ensure proper collaboration between the different activities and team members, resulting in the development of an exceptional website. And needless to say, it would be cost-effective as well.

The reputation and expertise of the company to which you want to outsource web development:

Since a website is one of the most important media through which you can effectively market your business, it is immensely important for the team that you outsource web development to, to be well equipped with experience. That way, you will get room to assume that your website is in competent hands. You might also choose to work with an outsourcing team that is just starting off, but it is better not to partner with them unless you are sure of their knowledge and merit.

Before you outsource web development, you must be confident that the team you are selecting has a niche in developing and designing websites. This can be ascertained by getting in touch with some of their former as well as present clients. For this, the very website of the outsourcing company can be quite useful. A website does not only relay the different services a company is able to offer, but it also contains a section of customer ratings. But if you feel like the reviews displayed on the website are somewhat too cliché, then you can explore various public platforms to discern the genuine stature of the company.

Experienced web developers

While former clients will be able to cite reasons for why they left, the present clients might be able to emphasize on the positive aspects of working with the team, including the improvements the team might have made. The reputation of the outsourcing company is quite significant since you do not want your website to be built by a team of developers and designers who you can hardly trust. So, whether or not the company that you outsource web development to is an old and experienced outsourcing team, customer reviews are just as important. However, it would be too daring to base your opinion about the team going by mere customer reviews. Direct interaction with the company is a more personalized and effective way of determining how well the team would be able to serve you.

The infrastructure of the company to which you want to outsource web development:  

In this dynamic era of changing technology, it is more than important for the company that you outsource web development to, to be up-to-date with all the infrastructural amenities that would help in the development of a fantastic website. The company should be well aware of the latest technological advancements and all their tools and equipment should be modern and flexible enough. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the company ensures that they are able to coherently meet all the risks associated with the development of the website.

The presence of the latest and upgraded equipment, complemented by a sturdy power backup facility and idle time tracker is of paramount importance for an outsourcing team. That way, they can make efficient use of time by mitigating the loss of productivity arising from non-idle breaks. For instance, as power cuts are quite recurrent in India, the day-to-day business operations tend to get impeded which results in loss of productive time. A proper power backup is a way to do away with the unwelcome loss of productivity by ensuring that the operations go on even in the absence of power.

Before you outsource web development, you need to know that a website is supposed to be quite changeable and user-friendly so that customers, who might try to get to know you better, are able to surf through it successfully. A website which compels the customer to meet a dead end before furnishing the proper information is not a website you would want to create. Similarly, the website should also comprise features that would allow your employees to access and diffuse relevant information to your organization. Since such subtle technicalities need to be taken care of while developing a website, it is always better to make sure that the company you outsource web development to is quite conversant with the requisite coding and executing stipulations.

As you already know, new tools and machinery are invented regularly to keep up with the enhancing pace of shifting customer preferences. The customers should be able to communicate with you via your website without facing any issues whatsoever. As a result, the company you outsource web development to should be technically sound with automated equipment and mechanized operations. Old and redundant infrastructure should be disposed of. You know what? A good way to comprehend if the company would be the right choice to outsource web development to is to analyze the design and versatility of their website itself. Their own website would tell a great deal about their technical prowess. But here lies the catch. What if they had outsourced their web development as well? Well, then you can at least fathom their idea of a perfect website. Here comes in the role of interaction!

Feasibility of individual interaction:

Before you outsource web development, you must remember that the level of communication between you and the outsourcing team is the backbone of the entire development process. Without proper interaction, you will not be able to convey all your ideas about the website and the requisite features that you would like your website to contain. The proper structuring and designing of the website should be very distinctly communicated to the team at the initial stages of the development process so that your expectations are fully met. The developers and designers in the outsourcing team should be able enough to grasp your idea and have an in-depth cognizance of what your actual requirements are.

You could outsource web development either to a local outsourcing company or to an outsider who doesn’t reside in the same city as you. The edge that you would get from the former is the ease of communicating in person. You can hold regular meetings with the outsourcing team which is not possible when the outsourcing team is in a different country altogether. But considering our technological advancements is that really a problem in today’s world? Meeting up in person is rarely necessary when your project is in the hands of an efficient team. There exist various apps like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on through which you can carry out effective communication with the outsourcing team. As a result, you do not need to outsource web development specifically to a local company for the ease of communication.

Social interaction
The outsourcing team should be able to respect your budget and time constraint within which they should deliver the best service. An important step in the development process that the team must follow is that the developers and designers who would be working for you should be able to keep you updated with mock diagrams so that you can understand and analyze how the website can work in the future on being completed. A mock diagram is really helpful in the sense that it would give you an idea about the little changes and additions that you might want the outsourcing team to make in your website. The company you outsource web development to should be able to reflect on and rectify the features as demanded by you.

However, since coding and executing needs quite some time and skills, you will have to be patient as a client if you want your website to be as exemplary as possible. This is because coding is a demanding task which serves as the cornerstone of a website. You can, nonetheless, continue with your interactions with the developers and designers during this phase as there is no incorrect time to convey your queries or change of mind. Proper interaction between you and the team you outsource web development to is immensely important throughout the development process for your website to be completed successfully.

Human Resources of the company:

The most defining aspect of a company is its human resources. The developers and designers of the company that you outsource web development to are its biggest assets. The developers and designers of the outsourcing team should be remarkable and experienced people who are well equipped with different skills for the development of various websites. Before you outsource web development to a specific company, make sure that their skills and knowledge about the field match your requirements. They should be able to address all the plausible issues and technical problems related to the development of your website. This is because the only reason you would want to outsource web development is to get in touch with perfection which is possible only when the work gets done by experts.

There can be a number of platforms where the website can be developed successfully, all of which the developers and designers should be aware of and comfortable working with. Also, they should possess relevant knowledge about the various languages that can be used to craft the website and the latest technology that the website requires to be imbibed with. They should be able to analyze the project meticulously and identify the different strengths and limitations related to the development of the website. The developers and designers should be versatile enough to conveniently address these implicate issues and turn them around during the development of the website. In fact, the particular team that is assigned to the development of your website must be well-versed with the relevant skills and knowledge related to the development of the specific website.

A web outsourcing company that is competent in developing everything but the particular service that you would like to be served with is not really the team you would want to outsource web development to. As mentioned earlier, an interaction with the previous and existing clients of the company will give you an almost clear picture of the quality of the services that the company delivers. The web outsourcing company earns its reputation from none other than the expertise of the developers and designers who are a part of it. So, before you outsource web development to some particular company, make sure you can trust them enough to be able to entrust them with your dream website.

A comparison of all the companies to which you would like to outsource web development:

There is such a wide array of web outsourcing companies out there that it is understandable if you are in a dilemma about which one to select for your project. There are so many parameters to shortlist the companies that could work for you, but you need to be vigilant enough in your comparison of them all. So, before you eventually choose a team who you could outsource web development to, it is always advisable to run a cost-benefit analysis of the different companies all around the globe and settle on the most appropriate web outsourcing companies that you find.

benefits of outsourcing web development
Although outsourcing is comparatively a lot cheaper than the in-house development and designing of a website, it is important to remember that it does not always deliver the premier services that it promises. Simultaneously, it could not be more right that most of the web development companies in India deliver services of high quality at a relatively lower cost than what is provided in the West. One of the most important aspects, before you outsource web development, is to review your budget. This way, you can ensure that the services that are being promised to you by the outsourcing team in question are indeed reason enough to be provided within the respective budget.

As a customer, you should be aware of the distinction between bonding with a low-cost web outsourcing company and an outsourcing team that is cost-efficient. If you are not careful while selecting the right company to outsource web development to, you can be tricked by certain developers into paying higher than what is normal. For instance, some companies charge a very low per hour cost but then end up taking more time than required in developing the website. They either don’t work with 100 percent efficiency or they are just not that productive. As a consequence, you end up incurring an exorbitant cost which could have been obviated, had you worked with a better outsourcing team.

Although the cost of operations is an important aspect to determine whether or not the outsourcing team should be perfect for you, another significant point is the method in which they go about the development process. It is always advisable to follow a waterfall method or a method that is equally efficient in the initial stages of the development process. so that you can grab the methods and techniques that the company works with.

In the waterfall method, the entire development process is broken down systematically into sequential phases so that they keep from overlapping. This is a traditional approach of administering the entire project and will help you to comprehend the methods and techniques that the company works with. The waterfall method is often the most suitable technique that is advised because here each and every phase of the development process is graced with thorough attention by the developers and designers which improves the product quality as a whole.

3. Steps to outsource web development.

So, now that you are sure you want to outsource web development, you must be thinking how exactly to go about this activity. Given below are some steps that you can follow for effective web outsourcing.

Shortlisting the viable outsourcing partners:

Determine the kind of website you would like to create and make a list of your expectations related to the website. Make the scope of your requirements quite specific and shortlist the outsourcing teams that you think would be able to meet your expectations. Prepare a decent budget for the project and set a reasonable deadline.

Selection of the apt company to outsource to:

To examine the proficiency of the outsourcing team, you can hold live discussions with them and verify their past experiences where they might have worked on similar projects like yours. You can also hire a professional for some time to help you conduct a coding test for the team and evaluate their performance thereon. This is an ideal way of ensuring whether or not the team that you would be working with is skilled and experienced enough to develop your website.

Documentation and presentation:

After you have selected a suitable company to outsource web development to, you need to communicate all your requirements to them as clearly as possible. For this, you can document all your prerequisites, expectations, designs, content and functionality and present them to the outsourcing team. Your presentation should be neat and precise so that the outsourcing team is able to grasp your ideas and demands with ease and accuracy.

Monitoring the project:

For the proper execution of the project, you need to keep a track of the entire development process as it happens. You need to ask for regular insights and keep yourself updated with the progress that they make on the website. They should be able to consult you and seek your approval wherever required, instead of making an independent decision. You can even drop by at their office from time to time to get practical exposure to the development process. Also, you need to make sure the developers and designers are maintaining their pace and respecting the budget. Evaluation and payment:

The last step is to examine and scrutinize the end product, i.e., the final website to see if it has been created according to all the required parameters. If you reckon the website could have contained some more features or could have been more versatile, then you should be able to relay the expected alterations to the team. Finally, after you have made all the required additions and improvements and your website is good to go, you can make the payment.

A website is an interface for people to find you and for you to be able to reach out to the right customer. If not done right, your entire business will be at risk. In a world where communication has become more distant and digital, what customers seek is precise and unambiguous information to rely on. If you outsource web development, you will be able to build an excellent web presence even without any knowledge of the numerous difficult and intricate programming languages and the enhancing number of development tools.