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How does remote hiring work?

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We understand your business processes in detail and come up with a winning strategy to best serve your needs.

Tracking, reporting & feedback

Get daily updates, track work progress with our time tracking software to reduce unnecessary feedback loops.

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Sit back and relax as you see the cost benefits while the work gets done flawlessly within the specified timeline.

Why hire remote staff for your projects?


You are busy building an eCommerce marketplace or servicing your clients all through the day. Hire dedicated remote designers and developers to ensure quality services at a lower price point. Focus on your core competencies while we help you scale up and maintain your digital presence continuously.


Are you looking for expert help in a particular domain? Is more work coming your way than your team can handle? Our Software Development as a Service model will ensure you never have to say no to a client again. White label on-demand services to help you grow your business and be more profitable.

How does it help you save time and money?

Software Development as a Service model gives you the best of both worlds. You get a dedicated team with resources and expertise to carry out the job to perfection while keeping the costs low. Focus on growing your business.

Consider the time and cost advantages when:

  • You do not have to go through hassles of hiring for specialized skills
  • You do not need to worry about employees suddenly calling in sick
  • No need to pay monthly/yearly incentives, bonuses or increment
  • You do need to spend on buying expensive hardware or software required
  • Do not need an additional workspace to accommodate development team
  • No need to plan and execute the daily progress of your project by yourself
  • Do not worry about the quality of a freelancer working from home
  • No need to co-ordinate with multiple freelancers throughout the day

Leading global SaaS procurement platform is scaling faster with the help of our dedicated dev team.

Alun Rafique, Co-Founder, Market Dojo


Round the clock support across multiple channels

From Asana to Basecamp we will use your favorite project management tool or have access to ours. 24x7 phone, email, Whatsapp and chat support with dedicated account managers to ensure customer delight.


A - Z skills for successful project outcome

Get access to cross-functional teams with expertise ranging from design and development to growth marketing and business development. All working toward a common goal - successful project outcome.


See how initiatives are progressing in real time

Track work progress in real-time with 3rd party time tracking tool. Know exactly how the hours paid for are being consumed. This linked to our project management software guarantees 3X productivity.

Don’t just take our word for it

Check out our reviews below. Not only do our clients love the process but they would happily recommend us to others. Wouldn’t you love a similar experience?


Our core service offerings

Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on growing the business.

Web Apps

Functional, Scalable, Secure web apps to get your business to the next level.

Mobile Apps

High-performance Native & Hybrid mobile applications for large scale usage.


Get Conversion Optimized Websites to bring in more enquiries, leads and sales.

Cloud Hosting

Fast, secure Managed Cloud Hosting for your mission critical web applications.

AI Chatbots

Get rid of menial processes and inefficiencies with our custom AI Chatbots.

Cyber Security

Predictive cyber security and threat mitigation - protect sensitive user data.

Web Apps

Functional, Scalable, Secure web apps to get your business to the next level.

Mobile Apps

High-performance Native & Hybrid mobile applications for large scale usage.


Get Conversion Optimized Websites to bring in more enquiries, leads and sales.

Cloud Hosting

Fast, secure Managed Cloud Hosting for your mission critical web applications.

AI Chatbots

Get rid of menial processes and inefficiencies with our custom AI Chatbots.

Cyber Security

Predictive cyber security and threat mitigation - protect sensitive user data.

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Fixed Price Projects

3,000 onwards

Milestone based billing

  • Pre-defined scope of work
  • Waterfall model
  • Standard support
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Dedicated Resource Hiring

16/hour onwards billed monthly

(Monthly blocks of 80/160/240 hours)

  • You define scope & priorities
  • Agile development
  • Priority support
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Dedicated Team Hiring

16/hour onwards billed monthly

(Monthly 320 hours or more)

  • You define scope & priorities
  • Agile development
  • Premium support
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Compare plan features

Fixed Price Projects Dedicated Resource Hiring Dedicated Team Hiring
Talent Access      
Team composition As per project requirement 1 designer or developer 2 or more designers/developers
Interview & trial runs No Yes, upto 4 hours Yes, upto 8 hours
Experience level As per project requirement Minimum 4+ years Minimum 5+ years
Monthly effort hours As per project requirement 80/160/240 hours 320 hours or more
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Quality Analyst
Access to Business Analyst -
Access to Growth Marketers -
Communication & Reporting      
Interaction with Account Manager As needed for on-time project delivery Scheduled weekly calls You get to decide
Daily email updates
Weekly consolidated activity report
Using your preferred PM tool
Time tracking access -
Internal PM tool access - -
Monthly growth hack guides - -
Customer Support      
Standard support Monday - Friday, shift timing Monday - Saturday, reply TAT - 4 hours 24x7, reply TAT - 2 hours
Realtime emergency support
Phone support
Email support
Skype/Zoom support
Whatsapp /Telegram support -
Customer Success Team - -
Resource scale up or downsizing As needed for on-time project delivery 15 days notice required 30 days notice required
Payment terms Within 3 business days of raising milestone invoice Monthly advance payment within 3 business days of raising invoice Monthly advance payment within 7 business days of raising invoice
Retain IP rights
Sign NDA
Sign SLA
Regulatory compliance -
Custom terms of service - -
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Have more questions? Here are the answers

I didn’t find a plan above that matches my requirement?

The plans above are based on our experience of working with 100s of clients of various sizes in different industry verticals. These are the plan types our clients tend to prefer the most.

However, we understand that every business is unique and are willing to go the extra mile to accommodate your requirements. Fill up the form below and we will get back to you to discuss your specific requirement.

We have a complex business structure with multiple stakeholders and decision-makers. How will you work with us?

You will find more details on our enterprise service capabilities here.

How long will it take you to get started on my project?

From the time you sign the agreement and make the first payment till we assign team members to start working on your project, the timeline will be of 3 - 5 days. Your requirements are important to us and we act with urgency to meet them at the earliest.

How do you ensure on-time delivery?

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager from the very first day. We follow a structured workflow to monitor daily work progress. For all projects, deliverables are mapped beforehand and workflow is decided, keeping in mind the scope of work and turn around time.

We ensure immediate replacements if any of the team members are sick or on leave. With daily reporting and quality checks in place, rest assured there won’t be any last moment surprise.

How will you safeguard confidential data and information?

All designers, developers, project managers and account managers sign NDA with us at the time of joining. We use secure servers and firewalls and VPN to protect confidential data, both our own and that of our clients.

Use of USB devices, phones are not allowed on the premises without prior permission. Layered access to information flow also helps to keep all confidential information safe.

We also follow all industry and country/region specific compliances such as GDPR, HIPAA etc.

How do you keep your staff motivated and technically updated?

We live by our mission and values daily. Knowing why we do what we do is the best motivation for our people. Encouraging team members at all times to maintain a healthy work-life balance also goes a long way to prevent them from burnout.

We arrange weekly workshops to enhance both the technical and soft skills of our staff. Developers and designers are encouraged to participate in domain-specific events and conferences to gain industry insights and learn best practices.

Do you offer discounts?

At present we offer discounted hourly rates to educational institutions and nonprofits only.

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Fill up the form on the right with your requirement and we will get in touch with you within the next 12 hours.

Our business analysts will schedule a call time with you to deep dive into your requirement and business objectives.

The more we know the more precise our suggestions will be.

Why designs.codes

It is always a smart option for companies to outsource software development for several reasons. By opting to outsource software development businesses can transform their digital goals while reducing the risks related to maintenance and cost. However, before a firm goes on to hire an outsourcing software development company for outsourcing software development projects they take a lot of issues into consideration. These include budget, quality, and the deadline of the project.

While business houses consider every scenario before outsourcing software development projects, there are quite a few benefits associated with outsourced software product development.

Why outsource software development projects

Outsourcing software development and outsourcing software development projects have multiple benefits. Outsource software development gives a company the chance to work with a skilled multidisciplinary team that can execute the requirements of the company flawlessly. Additionally, the following aspects also make outsource web development and outsource mobile development beneficial:

Cost-saving: If a company chooses to outsource software development it turns out quite cost-effective for the firm. Be it to outsource web development, outsource mobile development or reap the benefits of outsourced software product development, it always works out cheaper than to appoint an in-house team to get the job done.

Flexibility: The executive teams of the current organizations are expected to shoulder a lot of duties and responsibilities. If they do not have to focus on the elaborate process of hiring, not only do they save time but also a large sum of money that can be used for sales and marketing. Additionally, hiring developers is quite flexible.

Time-saving- An outsourcing software development company often delivers error-free work on time. This is beneficial since it’s essential to maintain speed and efficiency in the current times to stay in business.

Outsource web application development

A lot of companies these days opt to outsource web development, and it’s not without any reason. The choice to outsource software development has become easy since there are many counties located in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa that deliver excellent work at affordable prices. Additionally, the following benefits also provide leverage to outsourcing software development company:

Current expertise: Most companies while hiring have to check the level of expertise of the developer. This is not a requirement while hiring a developer for outsourcing software development projects since they have the kind of expertise and knowledge which cannot be found in regular candidates. Such developers are always up to date with the recent changes and upgrades and over the years develop a firm knowledge base which plays to the benefit of the hiring firm

Developers and more: While outsourcing software development projects, a company looks for more than just developers. The decision to outsource web development, or outsource mobile development is a very critical one and most companies look for a team of project managers, business analysts, UX specialists, consultants and QA experts who can ensure that the project is delivered on time, and by choosing to outsource software development to the right firm, a company can get that edge.

So, the question of why outsource software development projects stands quite justified.

Outsource the mobile application development

In addition to outsourced software product development, and web development, a lot of companies choose to outsource app development as well, and multiple benefits can be obtained owing to this arrangement.

Reduction of risks: If the question of why outsource software development projects is bothering you, risk reduction is the most strong reason. When app development is outsourced, the outsourcing companies work to a great extent to eliminate any form of risk that the app might be affected by. All the risks which had to be handled by the firm would become the responsibility of the outsourcing agencies and they would work hard to ensure that nothing threatens the apps.

Assistance: Multiple steps must be taken before an app can be released to the marketplace. When the top app development companies are hired based on outsourcing, all these factors are covered. Any client who might need any form of assistance with conceptualization is provided tips and pointers that they might require.

Outsource software product development

If a company is planning to outsource software development, especially products, then it can prove to be a very lucrative opportunity for the firm for the following reasons:

Chance to tap a larger talent pool: Outsourcing gives the chance to companies to work with a larger talent pool. Since every skill and technology cannot be hired in-house, outsourcing is always lucrative for product development.

Make way for peak loads: Every business faces a time when its demands reach a certain peak. In such times, the business has to redistribute the resources of the firm to operations that they do not specialize in. Or it has to hire new employees. Both of these options raise the cost overheads and also decrease efficiency. However, if the firm chooses to outsource software development they can just hire a team for just the peak period. Such a team can help balance out the load of work and also save quite a heavy amount.

Why outsource software development to India

Many companies often get confused about why outsource software development to India? If you are concerned about outsource software development to India, then these reasons can help you take a firm call:

Skilled and dedicated programmers: India has a large pool of talented and qualified programmers and software developers. Since the pool is vast, there is always the guarantee that the outsourced project would be completed in the stipulated deadline. Additionally, Indian software developers generally provide quality work since their work process is backed by proven methods, innovative technologies, and time-tested processes.

Privacy and security: If a company is trying to find the answer to why outsource software development to India, then the rock-hard factor of security that Indian software developers guarantee must be considered. Indian developers deal with all the forms of intellectual property and development specifications with absolute care seriousness. The country’s stringent security policies are applaudable.

For all these reasons a country should outsource software development to India.

Points to remember while outsourcing software development. While there are lots of benefits attached to outsource software development, there are a few points that must be looked into:

Experience of the industry: Hiring custom software development services with specific expertise in a particular industry has a lot of benefits. A company that does not list out the services that it excels in may not be a good firm to work with.

Security and quality assurance: It is a strict no-no to ignore the importance of security and quality assurance. The development company in consideration must prioritize these two crucial components. Additionally, the hiring firm must also enquire how the agency incorporates these two crucial factors in their day to day operations.

Technological expertise: Before hiring a software development company for a particular project, it’s important to determine what technical skills will be required to complete the given project flawlessly. It’s advisable to list these skills out and use these as a yardstick to select a firm that will be hired to complete the given project.
Organizational culture: It’s important to consider the outsourcing company as a whole to have a clear idea about its organizational structure. When there is a group of employees dedicated to communication the agency is more likely to provide better work and conduct the best job possible. Since development projects usually go on for an extended amount of time, it’s always beneficial to be in constant communication with at least one individual from the development agency.

Cost consideration: Cost is always an important factor while looking forward to hiring an outsource company. While it’s strictly advisable to avoid any organization which promises to work at the cheapest price possible, it is also a bad idea to overpay for services and features that you don’t require. Both are two extremes. It’s important to remember that no firm can provide quality services for peanuts. Thus a hiring firm should step away from hiring the “cheap” outsource agencies as they can never come up with quality work. Additionally, some agencies charge way too much to get the basic customizations done. To avoid such pitfalls, it’s important to conduct thorough research and find out the average rate of the services in the market. Additionally, the other factors mentioned earlier must also be taken into consideration with the cost factor to select a team that can deliver the best of services without punching a hole in your pocket.

Cost comparison in the UK, US, India

Going by an hourly pay model, the average hourly rates of outsourced software development in the US costs about $150. While many people are under the impression that California inflates the rates, the average hourly rates of software developers in the US are quite cheap. However, the ceiling can go as high as $195, depending on the skills of the developers and the requirements of the project.

In the UK the average hourly rates for outsourcing a project stands at $110 – $300. The hourly rates to outsource development projects to India stands between $15- $25.