It’s business as usual for us during COVID-19

by Prasit Bhattacharya May 21, 2020
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Despite COVID-19 halting the entire world along with India and disrupting numerous businesses, we at have been committed to continuing business as usual. 

We had to change our outlook and processes almost overnight. That by itself was a herculean task. However, in the last three and a half months, we overcame all the challenges to provide continued and uninterrupted service delivery to all our clients.

Our clients rely on us to deliver consistently on time to run their business processes smoothly. We consider it our duty and obligation to live up to their expectations even in unsettling times like these. 

We are not only coping with the ongoing pandemic but in Kolkata, we also had to face a devastating cyclone – Amphan on May 20th. That made us change our plans and evaluate newer options once more. 

Our team members are our backbone. They helped us remain on-track and to keep going during this ongoing disruption to our normal lives. Their health and welfare is our biggest priority. 

In hindsight, we consider ourselves fortunate enough to learn from the emerging lockdown trends in other countries before the lockdown was announced for the first time in India. We prepared for the worst back in March by going remote. 

We were about a week into remote work when the lockdown was announced here. This gave our team members enough time to settle down and adjust to the new normal. We could also iron-out some process flaws and take preventive measures before they create major bottlenecks. 

The COVID-19 situation forced us to adapt, think on our feet and to learn to execute in a different way. In the long run, we see this situation opening up many new avenues for us as we broaden our horizons and change our mindset. 

We are now looking to continue to work remotely as much as possible even after the infection curve flattens and things get back to how they used to be. This will help us to hire experienced and talented developers from all over the country and abroad. We are sure this eventually will lead to a more diverse and inclusive work environment as well as help us to provide our clients with better service delivery and support. 

Despite all our efforts and planning, we can never be sure of what’s coming next. We can only promise and guarantee – no matter what, we will continue to adapt, evolve and find better, more efficient ways to serve all our clients at all times.