Why should I use Infographics?

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

Infographics are a combination of design, text and assessment through which complex data can be articulated in a visual format. Here are some reasons why you should use infographics on your website.

Attractive and captivating – Using infographics on your webpage is an excellent way of grabbing the user’s attention. People love facts, figures, statistics and images more than plain text. So, an amalgamation of all the elements is bound to make the website appealing to its target customers.

Scanned and viewed with ease – Infographics can be easily scanned and viewed by the human brain as human beings are highly visual. The visual aspects of nicely crafted infographics render the data memorable and exceptionally comprehensible when compared to the other forms of media.   

The capacity of going viral – Infographics possess a higher chance of going viral as they are more widely shared on social networks, compared to content that is more textual. This can be attributable to the intrinsic attractiveness of infographics which are found to be more relatable than any other form of content.

Embeddable – The code that is used to put an infographic on a WordPress blog or website at the time of designing, developing and publishing it is provided as an embed code. As a result, an automatic link is created between your website and theirs.   

Global coverage – Through infographics, you can avail a worldwide coverage unlike what is offered by the local print media. In today’s world, all that is required to view online publishing is the push of a button. As a result, the use of infographics on your website will make your website more diverse and informative.   

Creation of brand awareness – You can create a greater brand awareness through infographics. An infographic which is implanted with the logo and brand name of your business serves as a powerful endorsement of your brand.

Enhanced traffic – The use of infographics will increase traffic to your website, thanks to their appealing and informative nature. As people click on and share the infographic, the traffic to your website will keep improving.  

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