Why is Laravel considered a more advanced framework than Yii? 

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

Laravel is considered to be a more advanced framework than Yii for the following reasons:

While Yii is not compatible with a version of PHP lower than 5.4, Laravel is congruent with different versions of PHP, including PHP 5.4 and higher, PHP JSON extension and MCrypt PHP extension

Although it is simple to install Yii, you are required to download a web application on which the software can be run. On the contrary, Laravel can be accurately installed with Laravel Installer

The Laravel framework can support a lot of testing tools, including Symfony testing tools, such as DomCrawler, BrowserKit, and HttpKernel. On the other hand, Yii does not support PHP unit and Codeception

Although Yii has an inclusive debugging console, Laravel offers better debugging solutions than Yii with multiple options

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