Why is Laravel considered a more advanced framework than CodeIgniter?

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

Laravel is promptly emerging as a more advanced framework than CodeIgniter. Here are the reasons why:

While Laravel is designed to work in seclusion highlights which makes it easier for the developers to break down a task into smaller modules, CodeIgniter requires a Modular Extension to create and keep up the modules.

With the help of Laravel, developers are free to explore and utilize Eloquent ORM, a feature that is not supported by CodeIgniter.

Unlike Laravel, CodeIgniter does not assign distinct highlights for the organization of database pattern relocation. Laravel highlights the database sceptic relocations, rendering it less challenging for the developers to modify and share the application’s database mapping with just a simple code. 

Laravel earns an edge over the other structures of PHP when it comes to the categorization of unit testing. Developers are able to persistently check the entire application code with PHPUnit. In the case of CodeIgniter, the character of the application code can only be analyzed by utilizing additional devices for unit testing.

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