Why are custom developed websites better than websites built using pre-made themes?

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

Custom developed websites are always better, compared to pre-made themes. Here are the reasons why:

 A custom developed website exclusively emphasizes the objectives of your business through a unique theme. offered in a custom developed website makes your website stand out from the rest. On the contrary, a pre-built theme will not hold a very different appeal to the viewers since a lot of other users also use the same theme.

 A custom developed website is known for its performance. The developers and designers can provide your website with certain functions and features which will enhance its comprehensibility and make it more flexible. On the other hand, in a pre-built theme, the scope of customizing the configuration of the website is limited to the specific features that are allowed for the particular theme. 

 The level of security offered by a custom developed website is much higher than websites with pre-built themes. A leak is always quite risky for an organization, no matter the size or nature. With a custom developed website, the risk of leaks and hacks is considerably low.

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