What is your refund policy and/or procedure?

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

For hourly projects, any extra payment you have made which is outstanding at the time of discontinuation and/or completion of the project will be refunded back to you within seven business days.

For all other cases, we do not have a set refund policy. If it at all happens that you are unhappy with our services, which would be an extremely rare situation, the issue is escalated to senior level, for example, VP Service Delivery and we could decide to issue a partial or full refund to you depending upon the reason and validity of the claim. We do not refund any milestone payment for which we have completed the work.

Please note that credit and debit card refunds might take up to 15 – 20 business days to reflect back on your card. We suggest you confirm with your bank first and then notify us if you have not received a card refund 20 days from the date of the refund being processed from our end.

If for any reason you wish to claim refund send email to the project manager assigned to you and mark a copy of the email to accounts@designs.codes.

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