What is the difference between UI and UX design? 

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

Through user interface design and user experience design sound almost the same there is, in fact, a lot of difference between the two. It is better to properly understand each of these terms to discover their compatibility. The difference between UI and UX designs are:

While UI makes the interfaces beautiful, UX enhances productivity. UX involves the conduction of competitive analysis, development of personas and then the building of a product that would be of value to your targeted customer niche. UI involves the selection of a colour scheme and typography that would be attractive as well as convenient. This design depends on clearly expressed reasons peculiar to the personas developed by the UX designers.  

While UI forges emotional ties among the users, UX helps them to achieve their goals. UX designers ask questions, observe and interview people, and makes prototypes to figure out what they are really looking for. Once this is done, the UI designer works on the personality of your interface so that it imbibes loyalty in your customers. 

While UI only pertains to interfaces, UX caters to products, interfaces and services alike. However, UI is not confined to the graphical user interfaces of computers, tablets and mobile devices. UI is also employed in interfaces on other products like watches, washing machines, car dashboards, and vending machines, among others.

UX is usually the first step while UI comes in next. While UX design and research focus on which product or application to develop, UI design is about improving the visual design and micro-interactions.

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