What is an Opt-in Page and how can I use one? 

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

Formerly referred to as subscribe pages, an opt-in page is a webpage which is directed at your target customers. Through an opt-in page, the user who visits your website can opt-in to receive website updates, like newsletters or promotional emails that your organization might send to distinct interest groups. In an opt-in page, the user is usually asked to sign up to avail these communications by providing their name and email address, among other details. Usually, the details other than the email address are optional. Many a time, the website requires a double opt-in which means that the opt-in process is not complete until and unless the user who subscribes to the website of the organization is sent a verification mail to their email address. 

Since people do not arrive at your opt-in page by mistake, it is always better to not beat around the bush and evidently deliver on what they were expecting to attain through the specific click. More often than not, buttons convert better than text-only links. If you happen to have a call to action that says something like ‘Click here to sign up’, try to ameliorate the effect by using a button with this text. It will serve a better purpose than a simple text link. You can also experiment with the size, colour, wording and positioning of the buttons that you use. This may enhance your conversion rates beyond what you can probably imagine.

The sole focus of the opt-in page should be to be able to lure your target customer into signing up for your email list. As a result, each and every component of your landing page should work to that extent and nothing on the page should be able to deviate the attention of the user. For this, you can try removing the main navigation bar from the top of the page. You can also remove the sidebar as there is a better chance of conversion with single column opt-in pages. It is better to avoid linking this page to the other pages of your site since that might take the customer away from this page once and for all.

You can include testimonials in the opt-in page as it gives the target customer a better reason to sign up. Moreover, an opt-in page should ask for as little information as possible. This is because a short and brisk opt-in form which asks for information that is absolutely essential is quicker to be filled in and more reliable at the same time.

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