What is a Landing Page and why do I need one? 

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

One of the most important pages on a website is the landing page. A landing page is a webpage which contains a form or a Call to Action button in it. The foremost objective of a landing page is to accumulate data from the users or leads who “land” on it. A landing page drives the customers or leads to land on the page. Landing pages are broadly used in emails, ad campaigns and social media. They are often used as a replacement for the homepage. Creating a good and appealing landing page needs good coding knowledge and expertise. You should always use a landing page on your website since it simplifies targeted marketing and also helps the customer unravel the various aspects of your products and services without putting in much effort.

A landing page enables the users to make a purchase, become a lead by submitting a form, connect with you via call or text, subscribe to an email list or newsletter, register for an event, and so on. The basic objective of all these conversion actions is to influence a user positively into becoming your customer. Not only does a landing page help in enhancing conversions and generating leads, but it also expands your email list and improves the value of your Search Engine Optimization. SEO landing pages are optimized for search engines. They should have features that would enhance their specific appeal to the Google algorithms so that the page becomes more likely to show up.

A landing page improves your sale. The more the number of customers on your page, the greater is the possibility of conversion. This, in turn, improves your branding. And brand marketing matters. The importance of brand development is preserved at every level of the journey of a customer. Your target user might just be exploring your website, or come across your company for the first time in a Google search result. Or they might have just liked your page on Facebook and ran into one of your posts while scrolling down their newsfeed. No matter what the case, brand recognition plays a significant role in the development of your business. As a result, a landing page is quite important if you want to build a brand that can be identified by your target customers.         

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