What are the qualities of a good web design? 

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

Apart from having an aesthetically pleasing design, a website can succeed only if it offers a seamless user experience to its visitors. Here are the qualities that a good web design must possess:  

Mobile compatibility – Your web design should not be a hindrance to the flexibility of the website when it is operated from a phone. If the current design does not work properly on a mobile, then you can consider creating a mobile version of the website.

Well strategized information architecture – The information on your website should be arranged and presented in such a way that it becomes easy for users to locate the requisite content on the page. 

Well-formatted content – Most users simply scan through a website to see if it contains the information that they need. As a result, your content should be organized in such a way that the important content can be easily viewed and scanned by the user in a hurry. 

Effective navigation – Navigating the website should not be an issue as good and clutter-free navigation is quite important for enhanced website usability. Usually, simple HTML or JavaScript menus work quite well and maintain consistency across all browsers and platforms. 

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