What are the points to keep in mind while designing a Logo? 

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The design of a logo is of paramount relevance since it is the face of a brand. If done right, it will serve as a compelling asset to your client’s brand. Logo design requires the presence of a specific skill set and plenty of practice and experience. Thus, the following points are needed to be kept in mind while designing a logo if you want it to be a success:

Preliminary work is indispensable – It is important to make sample sketches of the logo before making the final one. The preliminary sketches can be anything from simple pen and paper drawings to drafts made with the help of an Illustrator or similar vector programs. An effective graphic designer makes plenty of sketches in this phase and then merges one with another to make out a unique design. 

Maintain a balance – A balanced design is always discerned by the human mind as fine and attractive. You can keep the logo balanced by equalizing the weight of the graphics, colours, and size on both of its sides. Creating a logo with a balanced design is the safest approach as it will be viewed by masses to whom it must appeal. 

Emphasize the size – A logo should not just have a nice look, but it should also be intelligible in every size. A logo should not lose half its identity on being shrunk in size to accommodate on letterheads, envelopes, and other small promotional items. Similarly, the logo should retain its appeal when used for larger formats, such as posters, billboards, and also electronic formats such as TV and the Web.

Use colours wisely – Colours can be used cleverly if designers are well-versed with its basic and complex elements. It is very important to know how a particular colour combination could influence a person’s mood and evoke emotions. And don’t forget that the logo must also look stately in black and white, grayscale, and two colours. 

Design should be at par with the vision of the company – This is perhaps the most significant point to be kept in mind while designing a logo. You must possess a good knowledge about the company, its nature of the business and its objectives before you start to design its logo. This will help you to ascertain the best designs for the company right from the start.

Vector Format – Always get your logo designed in vector format. This will ensure the logo image will work equally no matter where you use it, be it on your website or a large flex banner outdoor.

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