What are the points I should look for to know if a new design will work for my business? 

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

The design of your website is an important factor which determines the amount of traffic it receives and conversions that take place. It is never too late to change the design of your website if you are of the opinion that its existing design is not working for you. But before you go for a new design for your website, you need to keep a few points in mind. 

If it has a centre of attraction – The new design needs to have a focal point that would serve as the centre of attraction. It could be a headline, a promotion, a graphic or an image, or some other kind of content. But since you cannot highlight all the elements in your design, you need to decide which one is most important. This focal point of the design attracts the target customers and keeps them hooked to the website.

If it has a visual flow – If you do not want to replicate your old design, then make sure the new design is rightly instilled with the requisite visual appeal. The design of your website needs to be arranged in such a way so that when a user visits the website, his eyes can easily navigate the rest of the layout. The sizing, spacing and organization of the design elements should be such that the viewers are able to comprehend where to look first and how to advance through the remaining design. 

If it has a balanced structure – The new design should be devoid of any unbalanced elements or alignment that might come off as a distraction from your main design and its message. You should ensure that the alignment, text and other elements are properly oriented with document margins and to each other. 

If the typography is alright – Your new design must have the correct typefaces as typography is an integral aspect of almost every design. The fonts that you select work smoothly together so as to complement the overall attractiveness of the website. If there is an inconsistency between two typefaces, it might serve as a distraction from the main content.   

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