What are the most popular JavaScript Frameworks?

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JavaScript Frameworks are some of the most popular and responsive web development frameworks. The following are the most popular JavaScript Frameworks:   

AngularJS 2.0 & 1.x – Although HTML is quite good for the declaration of static documents, the declaration of dynamic views in web applications cannot be done smoothly with it. But with the help of AngularJS, the HTML vocabulary for your application can you can be stretched. As a result, the environment becomes exceptionally fast, legible, and eloquent.  

ReactJS – Another popular JavaScript Framework, ReactJS is maintained by Facebook. Not only does ReactJS function well in SEO, it offers a simpler JSX and Virtual DOM. Developers can create dynamic web applications with a high traffic with powerful JavaScript library.   

Meteor.JS – Meteor.js is an apt framework to develop real-time web applications. In Meteor.js, right from the database to template, every layer of the application gets automatically updated. As a result, to be able to see the updates, the user need not refresh the page repeatedly.  

EmberJS – With the help of this framework, you can build a web application easily and fast. You can stop breaking the web with the help of the router offered by EmberJS.    

Polymer.JS – This JavaScript Framework was introduced by Google and have superlative material design components. The web components of Polymer which are part of the HTML standard ensure a longer existence than many other frameworks.

Vue.JS – It is a JavaScript Library which has taken the shape of a framework after combining with a number of tools. Vue.JS offers a virtual DOM and two-way data binding which speeds up the process of building your web application.

Node.JS – Though we are listing it here, Node.JS is mostly used for back-end development. You may use Node.JS if you would like to create a fast and scalable network application. A good number of concurrent connections can be successfully managed with a high throughput. Node.JS development is a perfect choice if you want your JavaScript environment to be well equipped with all the tools.  

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