What are the advantages of WordPress over Wix and SquareSpace?

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

WordPress is a more convenient platform, compared to Wix and SquareSpace. Here are the reasons why:

WordPress can be used by any individual or business, irrespective of its size. On the other hand, Wix is fit for only small businesses and side projects and SquareSpace is best for design-oriented sites.   

WordPress is limitless in terms of designs. There are hundreds of themes and plugins in WordPress which can totally be modified and controlled by you. On the other hand, Wix and SquareSpace do not come with so many varieties.

While you can still start blogging on Wix for free, SquareSpace boasts of a high price tag. WordPress is undoubtedly the cheapest and most dynamic blogging platform among the three.

WordPress is an ideal choice for SEO as it comes with additional features like Yoast which only enhance its performance when added to the content management system. On the other hand, Wix only suggests two Google plugins along with a few of their own apps. Furthermore, SquareSpace provides standard SEO services to cover features like page titles, clean HTML markup, and automatic redirects.   

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