What are the advantages of WordPress over Shopify?

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

The following points will convince you that WordPress is indeed a better platform than Shopify:

 Hosting a store on WooCommerce is much cheaper than hosting one on Shopify. That way, with WooCommerce, you can host a greater number of sites that you can with Shopify

Not only does WooCommerce offer over 50,000 plugins, but also a majority of the plugins comes with a lite version which is supposed to be free forever. On the contrary, Shopify just has 1200 applications which offer a trial of seven to fifteen days

Shopify comes with around 100 themes in all, only a few of which are free. On the other hand, WooCommerce offers hundreds of themes, a good percentage of which can be availed for free

WooCommerce allows you to fully customize the look of your website with the help of VisualComposer and other similar plugins. On the other hand, customizing the look and effects of your store to that extent is not possible on Shopify even after paying

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