What are the advantages of WordPress over Joomla? 

designs.codes Support Team 3 years ago

Although Joomla has a number of components, modules, and plugins to offer, it gets overshadowed by WordPress for the following reasons:

Problems can be fixed faster and more consistently in WordPress than in Joomla. This way, WordPress does not just save our time, but also lowers the cost and improves the performance

Since Google is more compatible with blogs and Google content, users take up WordPress to host their blogs on. This is because blogging becomes really difficult in Joomla if you do not have a good content creation kit or custom field system

A website can be created very fast on WordPress, compared to the speed offered by Joomla. Moreover, unlike in Joomla, you do not have to deal with conflicting plugins in WordPress

 WordPress evolves a lot. But unlike Joomla, WordPress does not charge its users for every 0.5 version update

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