Should I use HTML5 or Bootstrap for my website project?

logo Support Team 3 years ago

The choice of a good framework depends on the size of the project you have at hand. Let us see which situation is ideal for each of these frameworks.


When you are running short of time, Bootstrap is the ideal choice. Bootstrap makes your content look decent within a short time, and allows you to focus more on the back-end development of your application

Choose Bootstrap if the design fits easily into its patterns

Use Bootstrap when the final HTML can be controlled by you

If the majority of the design patterns of Bootstrap are required in your project, then Bootstrap is the ideal choice

Bootstrap becomes the perfect getaway when you are not very well equipped in writing CSS and HTML that comply with multiple browsers


You can consider using HTML5 to write the front end if the deadline assigned to you is reasonable enough. If you are allowed enough time and money to be able to invest hours in creating custom CSS, then HTML5 is the right choice.

HTML5 becomes necessary when you need to implement a design in your project that cannot comply with Bootstrap very smoothly. HTML5 makes your website quite responsive as you are able to customize it according to your own requirements.  

If the content management system or any other software that you are using requires modifications to the HTML, then HTML5 is the ideal framework for you.

If you do not need more than just one or two features of Bootstrap to implement in your project, then you can go all in for HTML5.

If you are experienced enough to be able to write CSS and HTML for websites, then HTML5 is what you should go for. While in Bootstrap, you are not able to customize a lot, HTML5 allows you to control the grid sizes, colors, shadows, and almost everything else.

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