How can I speed up my website page load time?  

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If your website is not responsive enough to the customers or take a lot of time to load, you might end up losing more than half of your leads. Swift loading should be one of the most important features for you to focus on while getting a website developed. A fast website is quick to meet the requirements of your target customers. On the other hand, a slow website tests the patience of the user. An ideal user waits for three seconds at the most for a website to load. More often than not, they bounce if the website takes as much as five seconds to load. Here are some ways in which you can ace up your website page load time:

 The speed of your website can be sped up by mitigating the number of HTTP requests. According to research, almost 80 percent of the total time that is taken by a website to load is absorbed in downloading the different scripts, images, and stylesheets on the website. Each of these different elements commands a separate HTTP permission. As a result, the higher the number of elements, the slower is the speed of the website.

To reduce the space consumed by each of the elements, you can dilute and amalgamate your files. You can start with your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files which carry a lot of importance. This is because they not only govern the appearance of your site but also enhance the number of requests your site makes every time it is visited by a user. If you minimize your files and combine them, the size of each file will be reduced, along with a reduction in the overall number of files.

If you use scripts like CSS and JavaScript in your website, then it can be asynchronously loaded to ace up the speed of your web page. When scripts are loaded asynchronously, some of them load together instead of loading one at a time.   

You can defer the loading of JavaScript through via custom web design as it is a much larger file compared to the others. If the JavaScript loading is deferred, then the rest of the content can be downloaded rapidly.          

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