How can I increase conversions on my website by using a better design?

logo Support Team 3 years ago

The design of a website matters a good deal when it comes to increasing conversion/sales/signups on your website. If your website does not carry a design that is visually appealing and also goes with the nature and objectives of the business, then it will be difficult to attract customers and generate leads. A good design will have the following three key elements:

Proper layout – Needless to say, the layout of your web design should be proper and intelligible. The visual elements on the page should be so arranged that the users are able to easily read through the content and surf from one page to another. A proper layout requires sentience, intelligence, and creativity in order to communicate its goals and objectives by comprehending the culture and psychology of the user. If the user is unable to connect with the essence of the design, more often than not, he will not return.

Accurate imagery – The images that you use should be consistent with the objectives at hand. The user visiting your website would be looking for something particular and an image is a faster way of communicating with them. It might take the user a while to locate the exact word or phrase that would tell him that he is looking at the right place. But if he lands on your site only to see a proper image that matches his requirements, he would know right away that the requisite information is on that very page. As a result, it is very important to use proper images to complement your texts.    

Smart colouring – The colour combination on your website should have an appealing as well as reasonable feel to it. A professional website does not need to be all serious and cumbersome. The right design will always be a blend of bright and simple colours that have been used judiciously at the right places. You need to ask yourself what exactly would the user achieve on this page and how exactly can the required information be represented without being too prolific. Colours play a big role in holding the user’s attention to what is important and what is relatively less so. Colours can be effectively used to highlight the important points and links that the user might be looking for. 

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