How can I enhance my website security? 

logo Support Team 3 years ago

Securing your website is as important as marketing its presence. Hackers and other cybercriminals can always attack your website if you are not cautious enough. Here are a few tips on how you can enhance your website security:  

It is extremely important to keep your website updated with every with every new plugin and CMS version. Outdated software is often not secure enough which endangers the safety of many websites. It is not enough to have your website updated every month, or even every week. To ensure absolute safety, you will have to be more regular in updating your website. To be up to date with every update that becomes available from time to time, you can use different plugins. For instance, WP Updates Notifier is an effective WordPress plugin that emails you every time a WordPress core update is available.

Use passwords that are complex and difficult to guess. If your passwords are something very simple, like your name or your job title, it becomes very easy for the hacker to crack into your account. As a result, the passwords should be something quite random with at least twelve characters. The password should essentially be a combination of numbers, letters and special characters, arranged in quite an arbitrary manner. Another important point that you should remember is that no two passwords should be the same.

Try not to host multiple sites on the same server as it compromises your security to a great extent. Let’s understand this with an example. A server which carries just one site might have a specific themed WordPress install with 10 plugins which are substantially susceptible to an attack by hackers. Now, instead of just one site, if you start to host as many as five sites on a single server, the hacker might be able to get hold of all the WordPress installs and some of the Joomla installs along with five themes and fifty plugins. As a result, your sites become potential targets. And the story does not end here. If the attacker can hack one of your sites, he will be able to hack the others too.   

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