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E-commerce conversion rate optimization for 10x sales   

by Nilanjana December 30, 2018
E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization For 10X Sales   

Is your website an alluring and responsive interface customized to suit all the objectives of your organization? If yes, felicitate yourself and answer the next question. Does your website get a good deal of traffic – perhaps more than what you had anticipated? If yes, great! It only means that you are well into the game now. Now the final question: Do your visitors actually complete a required action or make a purchase? If you are a relatively new player in the market, then the last answer will, most probably, not be in the affirmative. Your website may be visited by innumerable users within a given timespan, but what actually matters for your business is the number of visitors who turn into customers. This is the reason why e-commerce conversion rate optimization is the key to a successful website. But what exactly do we mean by e-commerce conversion rate optimization? The e-commerce conversion rate of your website is the proportion of the final customers in relation to the total number of users who visit your site.

The solution to enhancing the rate of e-commerce conversion lies in optimizing your website. In other words, an improvement can be brought about in the conversion rate by strengthening some actions on your website and making them more effective. But the purpose of e-commerce conversion rate optimization is not just confined to enhancing your sales.

A conversion is an action by the visitor which ensures the execution of a specific activity on your website. This activity need not always refer to a complete online sale. It can also be accomplished if a user adds an item to his cart or wishlist, or shares a post on social media. Even when a user signs up to a site with his email-ID, it is considered to be a conversion. Any activity that your company might find to be a key performance indicator, could earn its status as an action for conversion. Although the concept of “conversion” is quite inclusive, sales are regarded as the most effective and reliable key performance indicator for it. The more the sales, the higher is the conversion rate of your website.

Is it possible to achieve a very strong conversion rate? Well, more often than not, the optimum conversion rate for a website ranges from 1 percent to 2 percent respectively. For instance, if 10,000 users visit your website in a week but only a hundred of them make a purchase, then your conversion rate is 1 percent. Although it is difficult to wield a higher conversion rate, it is absolutely possible with proper e-commerce conversion rate optimization. E-commerce conversion rate optimization strives to improve the present conversion rate of your website by elevating customer experience on your landing pages, category pages, and so on.

For pronounced results, the target e-commerce conversion rate for your website should be 2 percent or more. But in case the conversion rate of your website does not resemble your expectations despite the heavy traffic, then your first step towards improvement should be to identify the unerring issues your website is facing. Recognizing your conversion problems is of paramount importance as it enables you to discern the elements that require your primary attention and plan your optimization steps accordingly. Most of the time, the traffic received by a website is comprised of users who only intend to seek some specific information, like price comparison, conceptualization, research and education, and so on. Not every visitor will make a purchase unless it is a prospective client.

Conversion rate

E-commerce conversion rate optimization enhances your chances of receiving more specified traffic which in turn improves your opportunities at a sale. By implementing the right e-commerce conversion rate optimization techniques, your sales can even get multiplied ten times. But there are so many ways in which you can increase your conversion rate. You could perhaps refurbish the design of your website, or change your approach toward social media marketing. You could simplify the process of checking out from your website or even modify the content, wherever required. E-commerce conversion rate optimization emphasizes the strategic reinforcement of an already strong online presence.

Let us discover with the most resourceful e-commerce conversion rate optimization techniques that you can implement in your website.

Use Your Images Smartly

One of the first and foremost strategies of e-commerce conversion rate optimization is to ensure that the images used on the website are comprehensible and worthwhile. An image plays a big role in marketing. Since it is not possible for the customer to touch or use the item displayed on the screen, the closest they can get to gauge the product is through the image. As a result, the image of your product should be as detailed and comprehensible as possible. Since many users might view your website from a mobile device, it is always advisable to use high-definition pictures of your products. Unless the customer is convinced of the value and quality of the product, they will not consider purchasing it or carrying out some other activity that might be considered as conversion.

e-commerce websites

For proper e-commerce conversion rate optimization, apart from the quality of the images, what also matters is the kind of images that you use. If you use pictures of other people on your website, visitors are more likely to relate to the site and become leads. Since human beings are more attracted to pictures of their own kind than simple product images, it is always better to use plenty of pictures showing people in different phases. For instance, if you own an online apparel store, you can feature the clothes that you would like to sell on male and female models. That is way better than simply putting out those clothes for display. This approach can have a huge impact on your sales as the customers, who would have otherwise refrained from purchasing your product, will have a better idea of how the product would look on them.

Another effective approach towards e-commerce conversion rate optimization would be to use the pictures and videos of your clients in the customer reviews. This will serve as an evidence of your unparalleled services and make your business strike the customers as safe and reliable. As a result, your sales will soar up like never before.

Describe Your Products Meticulously

Imagine yourself to be the customer. Would you be interested in purchasing a product that was not complemented with any description or reviews? A detailed description of the products you sell is quite necessary if you would like to push up your turnover. This is a very important technique of e-commerce conversion rate optimization since customers would not want to buy something that they know little about.

To understand this better, let us take our previous example of an online apparel store. What would you, as a customer, look for while buying a dress online? Along with the upfront design of the dress, you would also like to be informed about the fabric, the various colors and sizes the dress is available in, the washing techniques, the popularity, and trendiness of the dress, and so on. Last but never least, you would also like to get honest reviews about the product from other customers. Similarly, the products that you sell should be accompanied with as many details as you could provide. This helps the customers in deciding whether or not they would like to make the purchase. Moreover, as an effective e-commerce conversion rate optimization technique, it reduces the chances of complaints and product returns.

You should allow the display of both positive and negative reviews on your website as it enhances the customer’s sense of reliability in your business. Let’s face it, not everyone who buys your product is going to find it just what they had expected. As a result, negative reviews might pour in once in a while. But the most sensible thing to do here is to not shy away from them and make them visible beside or below the product where you usually display the reviews. This is because the customers are smart enough to already know that no product is perfect and hence, is bound to have negative reviews to its credit. If the quality of your product is genuinely high, then the positive reviews will automatically outnumber the negative ones.

Ascribe A Conversion Goal To Every Page

One of the most efficacious techniques of e-commerce conversion rate optimization is to design every page of your website with a specific conversion goal. As pointed out earlier, conversion does not just refer to sales. Conversion can refer to the completion of every such activity that may eventually lead to a sale. For instance, adding an item to the wishlist can also be considered an act of conversion since it is an important step towards purchase. As a result, the e-commerce conversion rate of your website can be improved by tactfully assigning a particular conversion goal to each and every page of the website.

It often becomes a difficult task for the users to figure out where they are when they clock in on a website. It happens when the website is not clear enough in expressing exactly what the user is expected to do. For instance, if they are actually on the “Home” page and want to find out the contact details, then there should not be more than one tab or button leading to the “Contacts” page. If one tab says “Contacts” and contains the telephone number of your office, and another says “Connect With Us” and comprises the requisite email ID, it becomes inconvenient for the user to understand which tab should they opt for.

As a proper e-commerce conversion rate optimization approach, the website should not be vague and unambiguous about its objectives when a customer logs in. It should be lucid and intelligible so that the customer can presently comprehend where he is and what the website can offer him. Suitable e-commerce conversion rate optimization makes it easy for the customer to find out what action is expected of him on the particular page. This is your key target and can be achieved through page titles, navigation menus, breadcrumbs, and descriptive URLs. Another important point the user must be able to understand is the exact outcome that would follow the specific action.

Emphasize Visual Hierarchy

The use of visual hierarchy is an exceptional approach towards e-commerce conversion rate optimization. This is because, just as human beings are unusually attracted to images of other human beings, they also assign more relevance to texts and objects according to their size and color. According to the unspoken rules of visual hierarchy, the images and texts on the page that are relatively bigger in size seize more attention. Similarly, texts and objects which are brightly or distinctly colored appear more appealing to the viewer. This means that the viewer will initially attend to the texts that are bigger in size and migrate to the smaller texts only if they find the former to be interesting enough. As a result, for smart e-commerce conversion rate optimization, the proper use of visual hierarchy is quite important. It plays a predominant role in determining the primary objects that your viewer should focus on.

The headings and subheadings on your pages should have bigger fonts so that the users can spot them with ease. For instance, you can highlight the heading for the call-to-action section in a bigger font than the details that you put underneath it. Moreover, the colors that you use should also be able to augment the specific text and its size. If the heading has a bigger font and the body has a smaller one, then it is advisable to use the brighter color in the heading instead of the font. For instance, if you want to use the combination of red and black on a particular page, then it is wiser to use red to highlight the headings and the significant words and phrases. On the other hand, the rest can be written in black since black is the less bright color of the two.

The proper use of visual hierarchy can serve as an effective technique of e-commerce conversion rate optimization since it has the potential to multiply your sales by ten times. The use of visual hierarchy ensures that instead of the less important items, the users are being able to focus on the objects in your website that are actually relevant and can generate sales.

Offer Discounts And Free Delivery

People love discounts! As a result, discounts and free delivery have immense potential of pumping up your sales. When you sell online, you can offer a variety of price coupons and free deals to allure your customers into making purchases. You can offer immediate discounts to enhance your sales for a specific time-span. For example, you can announce attractive deals and offers to tempt customers during certain festivals and relevant days. You can offer heavy discounts or provide more than one product at a much lower price. An effective approach to e-commerce conversion rate optimization would be to limit these offers. If these offers come with a certain expiry date, then customers will be more likely to avail the opportunity. You can display a count-down icon on the screen to remind the customer about the offer that will run out in some time. As a result, your sales for a particular period will go up tremendously.

Another effective technique of e-commerce conversion rate optimization is to offer free shipping facilities to your customers. This is a fresh and fruitful method of attracting and retaining customers. To be honest, although reasonable enough, yet delivery charges are really annoying. The customer might want to buy just an inexpensive product from your store but he can be bombarded with a heavy delivery charge because of the distance. This increases the overall price and often makes the customer back out of the deal. To avoid such a fate, what you can do is offer free shipping to the customers and compensate for the loss by enhancing the price of the products by a reasonable margin. Make sure there are no hidden costs and the pricing process is entirely transparent. This way, you can gain the trust of the customers and also increase the number of purchases.

Strike The Right Price For Your Products

You should focus on charging the right price for each of your products. As an effective e-commerce conversion rate optimization technique, striking an apt price for your products ensures that you do not lag behind in the competition. If your store is selling branded items, then you might have to lower the price of the products in order to compete. Sometimes, that price can even go below the average price charged in the market.

e-commerce website development

For proper e-commerce conversion rate optimization, you need to keep altering and adjusting your prices in order to keep pace with the changing trends and customer preferences. For instance, if you own an online electronics store which sells mobile phones, then you need to be quite up-to-date with the different models and versions of mobile phones that are released every day. A phone that enjoys the peak of popularity today, may climb down the ladder after a month. As a result, the price that you charge today will not be the same as the price you will be charging a month from now.

The price of a product depends on a lot of factors. For a better e-commerce conversion rate optimization, it is very important to understand what aspects determine the price of a specific product and how frequently can the price fluctuate. In the current scenario, the trend of a particular product keeps altering with almost every week. Moreover, the price that a customer would be willing to pay also depends on how well you display and market your product. As a result, in order to be able to compete in the market, it is extremely important to set the right price for your product with every passing phase of customer preferences and technological updates. As an effective technique of e-commerce conversion rate optimization, this can pull up your sales by more numbers than you can imagine.

Highlight The CTA Thoroughly

Needless to say, the ultimate objective of your website is to get the users to complete a certain activity. Through e-commerce conversion rate optimization, you enhance your chances to that extent. As a result, it is very important to highlight the relevant texts and objects and remove unnecessary information. Out of every single text on your web page, the call-to-action section is the most significant element that actually gets the users to sign up for the website. Thus, everything else on the page should ultimately point towards the call-to-action button which in itself should be properly emphasized.

E-commerce conversion rate optimization can be achieved by enhancing the visibility and prominence of the call-to-action or CTA button. For instance, if you would like the customers to download a certain business app from your website, then the download option should be one of a kind. It can either be a brightly colored button or a brightly highlighted text against a relatively lighter background. Either way, it should be able to stand out so that the customer can easily spot it on the screen. If you are missing out on the appropriate response with your present CTA button, then an effective way of e-commerce conversion rate optimization would be to change the shape, color or position of the CTA button. Make sure the CTA button clearly communicates its purpose and does not blend with the other components on your web page.

Say Goodbye To Inessential Designs And Information

Unnecessary designs and information serve as a hindrance to receiving the proper response to your website. An effective measure of e-commerce conversion rate optimization would be to uproot these irrelevant contents and divert all the attention to what is really important. More than half the time, the user opts out of the website if he is unable to find in a matter of seconds what he is looking for. An abundance of useless designs and unnecessary texts make it difficult for the user to spot the relevant content at once. As a consequence, they will either skip to a new page or switch to a different website altogether. So, even if the requisite information can be found on the very page the user is surfing at the moment, its lack of visibility will make the user think otherwise.

The main objective of e-commerce conversion rate optimization is to ensure that your website is able to flexibly communicate with the viewer. If the viewer is unable to comprehend what products you would like to sell or what services you are willing to deliver, then the entire point of having a website is defeated. Through this e-commerce conversion rate optimization technique, you can do away with unnecessary headings, columns, images, etc., and make your website even more responsive than before. If you do it right, your sales can go up at an enormous pace and the conversion rate of your website can exceed the normal numbers.

Use Pictures For Search Results And Navigation Menu

An impressive method of e-commerce conversion rate optimization is to include images in the navigation menu and the search results. This idea is gaining more popularity by the day and for all the right reasons. This is because an image is more expressive and captivating than text. So, when a user looks for a specific product and the search results are accompanied by the images of that product, it becomes easier for him to determine which results will meet his requirements.

Since the use of pictures in search results and navigation menu enhances the clarity and visibility of your online presence, it serves as an exceptional technique of e-commerce conversion rate optimization. This is because it keeps the wrong traffic away and results in an increase in the targeted traffic to your website. Nowadays, the process of including pictures in the navigation menus has become simpler than before with the help of Mega Menus.

Create A Comprehensible Checkout Page

An important step towards effective e-commerce conversion rate optimization is to ensure that the checkout page in your website is flexible and responsive enough. It is always advisable to focus a good deal on the checkout page since it is the final and most crucial part of the website where the customer decides whether or not they will go through with the purchase. If the checkout page is not optimized with all the requisite features, the customer might abandon his cart and keep from making the purchase.

ecommerce website features

It is very important to distinguish the checkout button from the other buttons. For proper e-commerce conversion rate optimization, this button should be effectively displayed and highlighted. Moreover, the checkout page should be extremely secure as the customers entrust you with their email ID and passwords. Also, the customers should be allowed to check out from your site as guests. The name and address of your customer will automatically be registered with you once they make a purchase. Signing up for an account takes time and the customer might not always have enough of it.

Employ A Software For Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a common problem faced by many online stores. What happens here is that the customers who visit the store, shortlist some items and add them to the cart for purchase. But the purchase never happens. They desert the cart as a result of which the store loses out on potential sales. To mitigate the problem of cart abandonment, a very strategic e-commerce conversion rate optimization technique would be to use software to reduce the abandonment rates.

The abandoned cart software helps you track the customers who abandon their carts and keep them updated on the status of the purchase. This software will allow you to send follow-up emails to the customers, reminding them of the incomplete purchase and stimulating their interests with attractive coupons and offers. You can allow similar incentives to your customers to strengthen the e-commerce conversion rate optimization and tempt your customers into completing the purchase and bringing down the cart abandonment rates. As an effective approach to e-commerce conversion rate optimization, the abandoned cart software helps to increase sales more efficiently than a lot of other techniques.

Use Security Seals

Security seals and other similar trust markers like badges and guarantees render your checkout page more reliable. A crucial aspect of every website is its level of security. A security badge conveys the message that the customers can safely trust your website with their passwords and money and receive the exact product that they order. The use of a security seal on your web page automatically makes you appear more responsible and trustworthy to the customer.

A very fruitful technique of e-commerce conversion rate optimization, the use of security seals can enhance your conversion rates by 4 to 8 percent approximately. If your current website does not yield as many sales as you had expected, then try assigning certain security badges to the same. Along with having a secure website, a security seal, more often than not, restores the faith of the customers in your business. The trust factor makes the use of a security seal an exceptional approach towards e-commerce conversion rate optimization.

Enable Live Chat Facility

interaction with customer

Live chat support is a unique and extremely effective technique of e-commerce conversion rate optimization. How many times did you visit a website on some serious purpose and wanted to have your doubts cleared but could not? Well, live chat support ensures that the same misfortune does not befall your customers. Many a time, a potential customer who could have turned into a fine lead gives up on the website when they see that the only way of connecting with the company is to send them an email or just call them up. The customer might not always be comfortable with calling up strangers. Neither do they always have the time to write an entire email and wait for the response. As a result, the customer just opts out of the website and migrates to another which does have live chat support.

If you own an online store, then adding a live chat facility at the check-out page gives an opportunity to the dubious customer to have his price and checkout-related queries answered at once. Having live chat support is an easy way out when you are looking at effective ways to improve your conversion rate. Not only does live chat support save you additional redesigning costs, but it also helps build up trust and reliability for your business. If the customers can directly connect with you the moment they develop questions in their mind, it will create an impression that you are always available and ready to offer your best services. As a result, a live chat facility serves as one of the most effective e-commerce conversion rate optimization techniques that you could use.