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2018 In retrospect – what we achieved here at

by Nilanjana January 24, 2019 Team

The end of 2018 marked the beginning of yet another year full of creativity and innovation for us here at We are looking ahead to the next 365 days with unabated excitement that is sure to come with its own share of challenges and achievements.

While we are at it, a quick glance at the rearview mirror couldn’t hurt, especially when it’s an exciting part of our ongoing journey. Read on as we list some of the key milestones below.  

Expanding European Foothold – Office in Bristol

We have been a registered business in the UK since 2014 and have been working with some of the biggest clients in the UK and western Europe since then.

However, it was in 2018 that we decided to expand our presence in the region further by setting up a local office in Bristol, United Kingdom. It will help us to serve the local and regional clients better with real-time communication and support.

UK Office

Consistent with our value of contributing to the local communities that we operate in, we have been recruiting only UK nationals.

Our aim for 2019 is to strengthen our presence further in the Schengen countries by setting up local offices in Switzerland and Germany.

Cutting-Edge Technology Delivered – Consistently

While delivering quality output to every single client is the mantra we live by, some projects are inherently more complex and challenging compared to the others. Here are two such projects that any development agency would kill to work on.

Industry Vertical – BFSI

Client Segment – Enterprise

Services Rendered: Native Mobile Applications

Delivered native Android and iOS mobile applications using world-class UI/UX and MVVM architecture for one of the biggest Insurance companies in the Middle East.

This is one project that has been really close to our heart for the level of complexities involved that we had to overcome.

The design quality was made sure to be top notch following the latest standards and best practices. We used MVVM architecture for the development of this car insurance app. Benefits include easier testability and maintenance in the long run for our client.

product 1

At, we strive to deliver future-ready solutions to our clients whatever their requirements might be. It’s imperative to not only look at the present need but also to anticipate the future business challenges that might come up.

Industry Vertical – Healthcare

Client Segment- Startup

Services Rendered: SaaS Web Application

Developed and deployed HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant inventory management system for a funded US startup.

Use of automation and predictive analytics is on the rise and the challenge is to meet the stringent compliance and abide by all governing rules. Perhaps no other industry apart from Healthcare requires this level of privacy safeguard and protection.

Successful execution of this project was a challenge in itself with all the predictive analytics and data-driven automation triggers involved. Factor in the highest level of compliance involved and you will know instantly why it’s on our top projects of the year list.

Product 2

Innovation and speed define the industry we operate in. In this fast-moving world where technology life cycles are predominantly getting shorter, we embraced change throughout 2018 by shifting our focus on Machine Learning, AI and Chatbots.

Startup Of The Year – Best Outsourcing Solution Provider

Hustling daily to meet deadlines or fulfill commitments doesn’t mean we don’t have the time to appreciate all the awesome client feedbacks we get, industry recognition or the awards.

Perhaps, Santa’s gift last year for all the hard work was being featured on Silicon India Magazine as the Startup Of The Year in Outsourcing Solution Provider category.

silicon india certificate

This sure is a motivation to do more in the coming years. Read the featured story here.

If you are looking for a top-notch outsourced tech/IT solution provider, park your car now. Your destination is right here.

A Team That Plays Together Grows Together

At we win when our clients win and they can only win when we put our minds together and deliver our very best, every single time, without fail.

Over the past 12 months, we have increased team engagement manifolds. We took time to pause and celebrate the smallest events, be it a team member’s birthday or a day trip to let our hair down and have fun.

team image 1

We moved from annual performance evaluations to continuous performance enhancement system in 2018. Everything right from team morale to code quality has never been better.

No wonder clients feel that we go way beyond the scope to deliver happiness.

2019 And Beyond

To the many challenges, wins, and celebrations ahead of us; to the better days and happier times.. Here is to 2019… In the words of our very favorite Bryan Adams:

‘It’s a new world, it’s a new start

It’s alive with the beating of young hearts

It’s a new day, it’s a new plan…’