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Why Should You Always Look For A Custom Website Design Company

By December 26, 2018
Custom Website Design Company

In the backdrop of a dynamic business environment, to attain great heights is quite a challenge. You may be thriving with energy and work hard to the moon and back, but to reap the benefits of a booming business, that is not enough. It is important that people see and feel your hard work and in today’s scenario, a simple and effective way to gear the influence is by building an extraordinary web presence.

A custom website design company can help you wield such a strong web presence as they provide you with a wide array of themes and designs for your website. With the help of a custom website design company, you can customize your website in accordance with all the requisite features that you would like your website to be incorporated with.

What Is a Custom Website Design Company?

Before learning what a custom website design company is, let us get an insight of what custom web design is all about. Custom web design is the process of substantially developing each and every ingredient of your website for the accomplishment of your organizational goals. As a result, the concept of custom web design goes beyond the regular designing patterns of a website like the color strategies, fonts, and images associated with it.

A custom website design company focuses more on earning an in-depth idea about the business and its objectives. This helps them strategize a keen designing process to enhance user experience and effectively undertake the activities of programming, designing, and marketing. A website is one of the most relevant assets of a company which is why a custom website design company emphasizes on creating a successful online presence.

Web Design Agency
A custom website design company will make for you a website that is simple and yet alluring. The custom web page should be quite non-embellished. All your information should be disclosed and arranged on the website in an organized manner.

It is always safe to use a single page for the categorization of information that is alike and maintain the navigation bar links at a minimum level. The labels that are used should be comprehensible and unambiguous. A prudent step would be to avoid using any word or phrase that are typically used in your group or profession. This is because the common public is, more often than not, a stranger to such expressions.

As you seek out a custom website design company for your website, you can trust them with cracking content that would appeal to the target customers. A custom website design company concentrates on creating content with a professional tone that would lure the customers in to learn more about the particular company. They are experts who are aware of what the customers of your company really look for. To that end, they hardly ever fail to use the right words and expressions that are simple, relevant and to the point to entice the customers to the website. While you are with a custom website design company, you can be sure that the team will not launch your website before all the content is conscientiously reviewed and proofread.

A custom website design company will ensure that the design that is applied in your website looks exquisitely agreeable to your target customers. While the website should be adorned with colors that would enrapture the viewer, there should also be a blend of neutrals in the logo, images, and banners to reinstate their focus to the main objective of the business. The fonts should be legible. And if a flash animation is used, then it is better to annex some transitions.

Why Do You Need a Custom Website Design Company?

Now that we know what custom web design is and how a custom web design agency is supposed to work, let us take a closer look at what a custom web design agency can really do for us. When your website is under the care of a custom web design agency, there is a high chance that it will turn out to be better than what you had expected. So what does a custom web design agency actually focuses on?

1. Delivering a Unique Touch To The Website:

Since your business is one of a kind, a custom web design agency will focus on designing a website that would bring out the uniqueness of your presence. A unique website that has hardly been seen before cannot be built on regular and ordinary layouts. You need to think outside the box to design an unusual and distinctive website for your company.

A custom web design agency has an edge over the other agencies in terms of design layouts. This is primarily because there is no fixed set of layouts that a custom website design company resorts to. Since custom web design focuses on the specific organizational objectives of a company, a custom web design agency places emphasis on creating an exclusive effect with regard to each and every feature relayed on the website.

increase web traffic
In order to increase the traffic on your website, the custom web designing team will ensure that the design looks exemplary to the target customers. For instance, if you are a fashion company, your website should be dexterously developed with a quirky and flamboyant touch. Ideally, bright colors should be used with a thin and slanting font so that the users are able to read fast.

On the other hand, if you are a manufacturing company, your website should use a mixture of bright and neutral colors so as to radiate a jovial yet professional attitude. In either case, a custom web design agency will help you craft the perfect website according to the nature and goals of your business.

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2. Acing Up The Speed Of The Website:

One of the predominant objectives of a custom website design company is to ensure that the website is swift enough to meet the requirements of the target customers on time. A custom website design company should ensure that the users do not lose patience due to the slow loading of your website.

You can lose more than half of your target customers if you build a website that is not responsive enough or consumes a lot of time in loading. An ideal user would not wait for more than three seconds for a website to load. If a website takes five seconds to load, there is a 90 percent possibility that the user will bounce. This probability increases to 106 percent if the loading time reaches six seconds. The users are more likely to bounce by 123 percent if the website takes ten seconds or more to load.

A custom website design company is quintessentially well-versed in all the technical solutions that would help you to enhance the speed of your website. For instance, you can ace up the speed of your website by mitigating the HTTP requests. It is a proven fact that around 80 percent of the time that a website takes to load is consumed in downloading the different images, scripts, and style-sheets on the website. Since each of these elements requires an HTTP permission, the higher the number of elements, the slower is the speed of the website.

Website Speed

You can also dilute and amalgamate your files to reduce the space consumed by each of them. If your website uses scripts like CSS and JavaScript, then it can be loaded asynchronously to speed up your web page. Through custom web design, you can defer the JavaScript from loading as it is relatively a much larger file. That way, you can ensure that the remaining content is rapidly downloaded. So, a custom web design agency can help you out with a wide array of solutions to multiply the speed of your website.

3. Improving The Flexibility Of The Website:

A custom website design company will help you create a flexible and multifaceted website that will boost the individuality of your business. Your website will not be able to stand out in a simple ready-to-use layout. The commonly available layouts restrict the functionality of a website to a noticeable extent. This is because although you might want to add or deduct some feature or the other from the website, you would not be able to carry that out due to the inherent design of the layout. In such a situation, the only solution to adjust the changes would be to break down and alter the intrinsic programming of the layout altogether. Not only is this task quite tedious, but it is also complex and unnecessary.

On the other hand, a custom web design agency would be able to create a unique layout for your website, which would focus on completely bringing out the personality of your business. Right from the inception, the design for every aspect of the website would revolve around its specific purpose.

The target customers who might visit your website for specific information would be able to surf it through with ease. The website would be customized to suit your requirements which is why no additional effort would be necessary to alter and adjust the programming of the layout. This does not just save a lot of time but is also smart and cost-effective.

There is no reason to assume that your website should not require any major changes five months from now. A custom website design company helps you design the website in such a manner so that it remains flexible enough to incorporate significant amounts of change as and when the need arises. You should be able to add and customize modules instead of buying the solutions. In the process, there can turn up a number of problems and mistakes, but a custom web design agency makes sure that the issues are resolved fast and effectively.

The flexibility of the website is of paramount importance that cannot be compromised with. A custom web design agency understands this which is why your budget will not be an issue for them. The designers of a custom web design agency will be able to design a quite unique and flexible website for your company within the stipulated budget and time-frame. No matter how limited your budget might be, you can be assured that they are here with the best service.

4. Efficiently Securing The Website:

One of the most indispensable aspects of a website should be its security. It is very important to keep your website shielded from hackers and cybercrimes. Personal data on your website should be safe and unassailable as any kind of leak or misuse of important information can cause irreversible damages. A custom web design agency can help you effectively address the issue of safety associated with the website. Securing the website would require a considerable amount of expertise that can be provided by a custom website design company.

Apart from using a secure password, the securing process can involve availing different SSL certificates depending on the platform you use. Your website can also be secured by updating the plugins or extensions on your website. This is because the old versions of plugins make your website more vulnerable to hackers.

Website Security

Sometimes, hackers make a DDoS attack where your server gets overloaded with traffic until it stops responding once and for all. This enables the hackers to invade sensitive data stored in your content management system. This strike can be countered with the help of a content delivery network that will perceive the rise in traffic and ace up to manage it. A custom web design agency helps you secure your website by meeting similar problems with effective solutions.

Due to a lack of awareness, many small business owners are of the opinion that their websites will go unnoticed by hackers due to their small scale of operations. That is the reason many of them do not secure their websites.

Contrary to the popular notion, it is more than important to keep your website secured as hackers use automated tools which can track the vulnerability of websites. As a result, if you do not secure your website, then delicate information like email addresses, passwords, credit card information, etc fall at the risk of getting stolen. A custom website design company can help you design a better way of securing your website, depending upon its style and objectives.

5. Enhancing The Performance Of The Website:

As indicated in the design company comparison chart below, a custom web design agency helps you to revamp your website with all the requisite features and updates. Your website loses its individuality if it is built in the same layout that has been used several times before. Customized layout design for each and every function on the website enhances their flexibility and ensures that they are able to attain full efficiency.

A custom website design company will know how to help you proficiently accommodate all such information that may be relevant to your company. This way, your target customers will be able to learn everything about your business without even making a contact with you. But, to design a user-friendly contact page is very important since it provides your target customers with a simple medium to effortlessly get in touch with you.

The performance of your website depends on a lot of aspects, such as its design, development, information architecture, content strategy, content creation, Google Analytics Setup, search engine optimization, and so on. All these aspects need to be sorted and synchronized as per the customary requirements of the organization. Even if all the other aspects are added smoothly, a flaw in the designs can result in inconsistency among the different elements of the website. For instance, it is always better to group the contact details in a single and preferably separate page. The bottom of the page is also a popular spot where the contact details are often displayed like footnotes. But if you included the contact details as a section of the paragraph where you have mentioned and elaborated on the services that you provide, it would appear quite bizarre and out of the place.

A proper designer would always know how to link your services page with your contact details without appearing strange. For instance, beside the paragraph where you have relayed the specific service, you could mention the names of the team members who specialize in rendering that service. You could also provide a link thereby to each of their personal pages. Yes, you could dedicate a personal page to each of your team members as well. A custom website design company could help you design an unconventional website if that is what you would like. But no matter how simple or diverse you would like your website to be, a custom website design company will, more often than not, be equipped enough to improve its performance.

What Are The Different Types Of Web Design Agencies?

Since building an excellent web presence has become one of the topmost priorities of companies all around the world, there is a huge demand for web design companies which is growing by the hour. You can either design your web yourself, or you can safely outsource it. The former is not advisable if you are not already an expert in information technology.

You might be able to build and design a simple website by yourself, but for a substantially versatile website which can reach out to a wide customer base, you might as well outsource. Now that you have decided that you want to outsource, you need to select from the different types of web design companies that are available. Although their number is huge, custom web design is a specialized service that only a few of them can render.

Following are the different kinds of web design agencies who you can outsource your web design to:

i. Freelance Designer

Emerging businesses often outsource their web designing to freelancers. While there are several benefits of working with a freelancer, such as affordability, simplicity in communication and flexible work hours, working with a freelancer can be quite tricky at times. A good freelancer will, more often than not, be working on multiple projects at one time. This means that your website will not receive the exceptional attention that it deserves. Moreover, being a mere individual, a freelancer might not always retain all the skills and knowledge that are required for designing a website.

As indicated in the design company comparison chart in this article, a freelance designer will only be able to design the website for you. They usually do not control the information architecture, search engine optimization or content. A freelance designer also faces the need to outsource a good deal of the designing process as they do not possess equal experience in every aspect related to designing a website. This can increase your expenses if you outsource to a freelance designer.

Freelance Web Design
A freelance designer is mostly compensated on an hourly basis, i.e., the more they work, the bigger they earn. But some freelancers often take undue advantage of the notion and make it feel more like “the more the time taken, the bigger they earn”. This implies that they can charge you for every hour that they claim to be spending on your website, but that does not necessarily mean that they are indeed working the entire time. They might waste a few hours and still charge you for the same. Furthermore, a freelance designer will hardly be well-equipped in holistic digital marketing as well. The lack of the particular skill can restrict the scope of their design to a good extent.

It is quite difficult for a freelance designer to single-handedly carry out customized web design. They would most probably not have all the requisite software and applications to design an exquisite website. Last but never the least, the website that you would end up getting might not be as alluring as you had expected. It might not be worth the price you paid.

ii. Boutique Design Agency

A boutique design agency is an expressive but smaller agency who will be able to help you with designing an exceptional website. Although they deliver specialized services, their client list is confined to a few selected customers. They have a relatively smaller scale of operations which does not include a thriving global presence. Their payroll is not that high and they do not work for big companies either.

As an emerging business, you can consider outsourcing to a boutique design agency as they specialize in custom web design and will be able to render a highly individualized and personalized experience. A boutique design agency can serve as a custom web design agency even if your budget is limited as these agencies generally work for small-scale businesses. But since they cater to only a limited number of clients, there is a good possibility that they might not have an opportunity to work with you.

Despite the positive aspects of a boutique design agency, it becomes somewhat challenging to work with one when they are unable to provide you with a well-integrated designing process. If it is not a custom website design company, a boutique agency might or might not help you with information architecture and content strategy.

Unlike a proper custom website design company, a boutique agency almost never prioritizes search engine optimization while designing the website. This is because a boutique agency usually does not deal with creating content. Although they might help with setting up Google Analytics and manage the operations on the website, it is often not customary of them to indulge in website relaunch planning if your website needs one.

A boutique agency is usually paid on an hourly basis and it takes them at least three months to complete a project. They may or may not understand the concept of holistic digital marketing. If a boutique agency is not a custom website design company, then even they will not be able to customize the web design according to its content and the objectives of your business. As a result, the boutique agency will outsource the web design process to some other entity. Not only will that enhance your costs, but also demand more time than you had actually allotted.

A boutique agency needs to be a custom web design agency to be able to provide you with the systematized integrated work that you were looking for. This is because even if you manage to find your way into their selected client list, whether or not you will be going back to them will eventually depend on the quality of service that you receive. As a result, you should always aim for a custom website design company where the infrastructure would be modern and updated and the designers who would be working on your website would be skilled and experienced.

iii. Online Website Builders

An online website builder can be a good option for you if you want a simple website and have a limited budget. Needless to say, the design would not be customized. On online web builders, you will be provided with a limited range of basic templates. These themes are programmed with certain basic codes which you will not be able to alter with respect to your organizational objectives.

An online web builder will not be able to assist you with information architecture and website management. Unlike a custom web design agency, when you use an online web builder, the entire content strategy, and creation, including search engine optimization, depend on your own skills. The design of the entire website will be a product of your own imagination and you can launch and relaunch it as many times as you want.

Crafting and designing a website all by yourself requires quite a lot of time and patience. How good your website turns out to depend on how much time you are able to invest in designing your website. Designing a website by yourself is also cost-effective as many of the features are offered for free. But despite the cost factor, it is better to outsource your web design to a custom web design agency if you want to design a website that is exceptional and idiosyncratic.

Online Website Builders

Instead of offering a ready-to-use template, a custom web design agency will focus on the nature of your business and the kind of content that you would like to put on the website. Based on their observations, they would create a new theme that would compliment each and every element related to the website. A custom web design agency will emphasize rendering a unique touch to your website so that the individuality of your business is maintained.

Even if your budget is limited, you should always go for a custom website design company as they are usually a group of very experienced and well-equipped designers. These designers usually have a niche in designing customized websites. Not only are the designers quite well-versed with the latest applications and software, but they are also well acquainted with the kind of problems that you might face while designing a website by yourself. A custom website design company will be able to advise you about how to make the content of your website more informative and its design more appealing at the same time.

iv. Mid-Size Design Agency

A mid-size design agency does not always offer you the service of customized web design. A mid-size design agency will be able to help you with the development, design and information architecture of your website, but they may or may not strategize your content and search engine optimization. Like a custom website design company, a mid-size design agency will be able to manage your website and help you set up Google Analytics, but they may or may not assist you with website relaunch planning.

The team members might be skilled in content creation and search engine optimization, but a fully customized content creation cannot be expected from a mid-size design agency. A mid-size design agency might not always have the most upgraded infrastructure which is why they might face technical issues while designing your website.

On the positive side, a mid-size design agency will be able to specifically focus on your project. This way, you will be able to interact with the team on a regular basis and convey all your ideas and queries from time to time. The level of service of a mid-size design agency is significantly higher than the other kinds of web design companies since the new business can only be balanced with exclusive service. But despite the positive attitude of these agencies, it is also true that every one of them is not a custom website design company.

These agencies are usually compensated either on the completion of a project or on an hourly basis. The time taken by them to complete a single project ranges from three to six months which is a reasonable time-frame in this business. They might or might not be familiar with holistic digital marketing which is one of the reasons they might need to outsource. The quality of the final website designed by them depends on whether or not they are a custom website design company.

v. Big Digital Agency

Big digital agencies are innovative and versatile. Owing to the flexibility and far-reaching abilities of the Internet and its increasing role in our lives, the big digital agencies have managed to make a lasting impression throughout the decade. These agencies have come a long way already as they continue to strategize and master the art of digital marketing.

A big digital agency is mostly a custom website design company which will be able to help you design a unique website. Such an agency is expected to possess the requisite infrastructure and technical expertise that is required to design a customized website. You can safely entrust a big digital agency with your website’s design, development, information architecture, and website management. Since such an agency is usually a custom web design agency, they will help you with content strategy as well. But because every big digital agency is not a custom web design agency, they might or might not help you create your content, together with proper search engine optimization.

A big digital agency is remunerated on an hourly basis. They usually take four to six months in completing a project which is reasonable, given their huge clientele and the wide scale of operations. These agencies do not outsource the web design as they follow an organized and integrated process of development. Also, they usually possess a good idea of holistic digital marketing. Although hiring a big digital agency for your website will not be too inexpensive, it surely promises an appreciable outcome.

A custom website design company is the ideal agency to work with if you want your website to be exceptional and one of a kind. It is always advisable to resort to a custom web design agency as it gears your website up for the traffic that it deserves.