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Cloud computing software development: 21 cloud based web development tools

by Nilanjana January 1, 2019
cloud computing software development

Cloud computing software development was initiated keeping in mind the utilization of the internet to accomplish your tasks instead of running programs or applications through downloaded software on a server. The best thing about cloud computing software development is, it enables people to work without worrying about the place they are in. All you need to have is an active internet connection and you are good to go. It saves a lot of time and reduces software development costs as well. In this article,, being a digital marketing agency, provides you with the list of the top 21 effective cloud-based web development tools that can be used.

The Best 21 Cloud Computing Software Development Tools


This is one of the best online editors for web snippets to be utilized in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This tool supports multiple frameworks and extensions that include Knockout.js, AngularJS, Processing.js, Dojo.js, React.js, Bonsai, KineticJS, CreateJS, D3, FabricJS, Vue, JSBlocks and more. This one is an operational publishing supervisor for the web extracts.

2) Pidoco


Speaking of the best cloud computing software development tools, this one has got extraordinary usability testing features. The developers will have the option to communicate and monitor while using the prototype and get live feedback while implementing the changes. For future review, this tool also has the option to record the testing sessions. Overall, this is just the perfect cloud computing software development tool for ensuring a seamless website architecture.

3) Python Fiddle

Python Fiddle is a Python Cloud IDE that comes with a syntax highlighter and a Python console which will enable the developers in running the Python code from any browser, import snippets and then link the solutions from Stack Overflow.

4) Browser Stack

If you want to get quick permission to conduct automated and manual testing in different real browsers, then this is just the perfect cloud computing software development tool.

5) Soasta

This is a very common tool for investigating the presentation and conducting the capacity tests. The tool is a perfect example of fresh Real User Monitoring Technology. It becomes easy to ensure the assortment of scale and location analysis. With this tool, you can opt for a lesser number of tests every day.

6) Cloud 9

cloud 9

This is such a tool that delivers perfectly operational codes within full Ubuntu workspace in the cloud for HTML, Python, PHP, node.js and Ruby. These work on Docker Ubuntu containers. This tool comprises a chat which allows developers to continue the communication with each other in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Apart from that, this cloud computing software development tool also allows you in deploying your code platforms like Cloud Foundry, Windows Azure and other on-premises servers.

7) Koding

Koding is a complete IDE comprising a suitable facility that delivers the whole thing required to create and run an app within the cloud. Apart from that, there is a social network that is solely created for the communication of developers. Among the cloud computing software development tools, Koding makes it easy and relaxed for the new developers to connect with the team.

8) ProtoShare

This one is a very suitable prototyping instrument intended to create and converse on mockup applications and websites. With this tool, the developers will be able to discuss and make changes in the prototypes in real time.

9) Codenvy

This one is a Docker-based development application that comprises IDE, source-code manager integration, build environments and debugging tools. This cloud computing software development tool enables developers to create a brand new project in languages that include C++, JavaScript, Go, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python.

10) Vertabelo


With this cloud computing software development tool, you can design database models for top vendors that include IBM, SQL Server, Oracle, and SQLite. Utilizing a reverse engineering tool, SQL or XML, it is easy to transfer the current database structure. Once the model is designed, you can make it SQL ready so that the code can be used different ORMs.

11) Codio

This cloud computing software development platform is practically a browser that is constructed in multi-language IDE along with its own Ubuntu example for evaluating the code. The tool comes with additional features like JavaScript, C++, C, Go, Syntax highlighting, HTML and CSS.

12) ShiftEdit

ShiftEdit delivers an operational IDE that comes with code accomplishment for syntax checking, CSS, PHP Code assist, and HTML tags. You can make use of files from Amazon S3, FTP, Google Drive, WebDAV, Dropbox, and SFTP. This tool also emphasizes offline support, auto code completion, jump to line brackets and real-time syntax debugging.

13) JsApp.US

This is a platform that is used for writing an application quickly in JavaScript using the node.js platform. This tool also offers the ability to deploy the developed application into the web.

14) Go Playground

The Go Playground is identical to a web IDE for the Go programming language. This is a web service that offers an editor for Go, compiles the written code and the results as well.

15) Moqups


Speaking of cloud computing software development tools, this one is an HTML5 application for the designers that are used for developing prototypes, mockups, wireframes and UI concepts. The sidebar of applications which appears on the left side comprises different objects ready to be dragged and dropped into the wireframe.

16) Regexpal

This is a JavaScript regular expression tester that includes two windows. On one window, you can input a regular expression and on the second window, there is a place to test the data.

17) Codepad

This one is a compiler/interpreter for C++, Ruby, Haskell, and PHP. This web development tool ensures the functionality to send a link with code or output to another person. All these features make it a useful collaboration tool.

18) Cacoo

This cloud computing software development tool supports more than 22 languages and that makes it an ideal one for a wide range of companies all over the world. The application offers real-time collaboration so that multiple developers can have access to the website prototyping tool at the same time. The best thing about this tool is, it allows a graphic designer to work on the images while an SEO expert is tweaking the content.

19) GitHub


This web development platform can be utilized in a wide range of circumstances starting from investigational private open source projects to the commercial projects as well. With GitHub, it becomes easier to analyze and host the code, organize the project and discuss new project ideas.

20) Invision

This tool has got a simple drag and drop interface and that makes it easy even for the non-technical people to add graphics, buttons and text boxes. User management allows the developers to be assigned to specific projects so that no one has unnecessary access. The reviewers have the option to add comments directly to the screen. The threaded replies make it easy to follow the conversation between the client and the developer.

21) Mockingbird

This one is powered by Cappuccino. What makes it different than other flash-based tools is the cappuccino applications run much more efficiently than Flash. This is exactly why the website prototyping activities will be much faster. This application offers real-time collaboration among approved users. The wireframes can be easily exported to PNG or PDF for review.