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Case Study: Colm Keegan

Client Brief

The Irish musical sensation Colm Keegan has won multiple awards for his performances worldwide. He also harbors a passion for teaching which has inspired him to impart online music lessons to students across the globe. Being one of the leading singers with the sensational Celtic Thunder, Colm enjoys a tremendous fanbase.

Before adding himself to our clientele, he looked for an end to end technology solution and an increase in revenues from his online presence.

Challenges Faced

Colm needed solutions that would streamline the registration for his online classes and would also make his teaching more effective. He wanted to sell merchandise but lacked enough time to focus on planning and designing the products.

Another challenge was the necessity of a separate website for taking care of personal branding as well as show booking. The schedule of his online classes being seasonal, also posed a challenge for maximizing the number of registrations.

Our Solutions

On understanding the needs of Colm Keegan, we channelized our efforts towards providing him with holistic digital marketing solutions that ensured sustainability. Firstly, we created CKonline.com – an online teaching website – from scratch. Keeping in mind the young demographic of his fanbase, we took care to make the website very youthful and vibrant.

We used external APIs to integrate whiteboard online classes for enabling him to teach students directly. In order to enhance the personal branding of Colm on the Internet, we created a separate website in WordPress and this served as a portal for selling tickets to his musical gigs.

Apart from working on real-time monitoring and maintenance of the websites, we went beyond our regular operations and scopes of work and designed merchandise such as calendars, coffee mugs, t-shirts for Colm. We also took care to get the actual products manufactured and shipped to him.

Currently, we are working on mobile applications, and the process of implementing new avenues for revenue generation such as selling pre-recorded classes, publishing geo-targeted ads, etc. in the website is underway.

Results Obtained

  • Our full-spectrum digital marketing initiatives have helped Colm focus peacefully on creating music and imparting music lessons to his students.
  • His fans are now more engaged with him directly through the website and his social channels.
  • He is steadily generating more revenues than earlier.


  • Graphic Design
  • UI / UX Design
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • WordPress
  • Yii
  • Maintenance
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Merchandise Design & Shipping

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