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Case Study: Robinson Pelham

Client Brief

Robinson Pelham is a London-based jewellery store that masters the art of crafting bespoke jewels. Evolving with time, they have diversified into ready-to-wear jewellery as well. They have been successfully making a statement in their field for almost two decades and currently they have divided their collections into three main categories which are named Oxygen, Evoke and Couture.

Upon deciding to integrate e-commerce into their business model, they wanted a complete re-branding of their online presence. They wanted their website to be as much customized and precise as their hand crafted jewellery and attention to details was the primary criteria.

Challenges Faced

The main challenge for Robinson Pelham was the acute time constraint they faced. By the time they had the design layouts and we were to start working on the project, it was already past scheduled launch date.

They needed their e-commerce platform to be readied within just eleven working days since every day lost was negatively impacting their bottomline. The problem was enhanced because of the fact that they fastidiously required very high levels of customization and detailing by making extensive use of WordPress and WooCommerce.

The product page, shopping cart and checkout pages are normally fetched directly from Woocommerce and doesn’t require additional layout structuring. They however had every single page custom designed which resulted in 43 unique page designs to be implemented in WordPress with multiple filter and sorting options and extensive jQuery and JavaScript coding was required.

Our Solutions

As the TAT was too short for the amount of work that had to be done, we had to break down the entire assignment into a number of small group tasks. After initial front-end development was completed within 5 days we didn’t have the time to continue with one or two dedicated WordPress developers on this project.

We deployed a group of 8 WordPress developers to work simultaneously and continuously for two days to complete different segments of the project. These 8 team members were divided into two groups of four with one senior team lead assigned to each group.

They ensured that there was no overlap and time lag in the development process and would integrate the various code files their team members were providing them. The team worked over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday as well and ensured on time delivery to the client.

Results Obtained

We pushed our limits to the maximum and succeeded in delivering a world-class product to a renowned client, and as a result we were able to achieve a win-win situation wherein the client was delighted and we were re-assured of our capabilities.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce

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