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About Senior Home Xchange

Senior Home Xchange is a community marketplace for like-minded senior people who love to travel and gain new experiences. Exchanging homes for a predefined time duration is a unique way to go places, meet new people, explore new culture and interact with the local people.

Senior Home Exchange platforms – the web and mobile apps are targeted towards people over fifty, empty-nesters, who are flexible and enjoy life.

Whether traveling to explore new places, visit family or reconnect with old friends; exchanging homes is the most affordable and fun way to go and Senior Home Xchange makes it an effortless exercise. 


The challenge

The primary challenge in this project was to keep the interface simple and intuitive enough so that the web and mobile apps are easy to use for the target audience – senior citizens. To achieve this not only did we add some unique features specially for the elderly people but also made the web app disability-friendly.

Since it’s a freemium platform another challenge was to figure out the best possible way to maintain a balance between the free and paid memberships to keep the members interested all through. developed the SaaS product of another company earlier where I was the CEO. I knew about their skills and capabilities firsthand and when I decided to start a new venture, they were right on top of my list to work with.

Bob Redd, Founder, Senior Home Xchange

Our solution

We built the custom web application in Laravel and created APIs to sync data with the native mobile apps, both Android and iOS. We used Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

We also set up their Google Cloud server with daily backup, server-side security etc.

Continuous and rigorous A/B testing we did on the platform helped to identify the most converting features for both the free and paid memberships.

Google Maps API was integrated to fetch accurate location information of the members and show them the route map of nearby facilities from their chosen accommodations.

The result

Senior Home Xchange kept adding new members to the platform easily with word of mouth publicity even before starting to put in serious marketing effort as most of the people who tried the platform found it extremely easy to navigate and operate.

Continuous ongoing enhancements resulted in improved search ranking for all the listed properties through programmatic on-page SEO optimization. This was an important aspect in the long run as the platform mostly has user-generated content.

I've immense respect for the team and the developers who worked on our project. They consistently maintained high standards and their proactive suggestions helped to build a platform that's easy to use for the senior citizens.

Bob Redd, Founder, Senior Home Xchange

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