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About Market Dojo

Market Dojo provides on-demand e-sourcing software that covers full spectrum procurement from supplier collaboration and contract centralization to auctions and insights. Their software solution allows streamlined procurement to mitigate risk and increase savings for Medium businesses and large enterprises. 

As one of the leading B2B SaaS startups, they have disrupted and transformed how procurement professionals have traditionally gone about their business using emails and excel spreadsheets.

The challenge

While their software product was topnotch, they were struggling with the frontend website to engage visitors and convert leads. They started off with MODX as the CMS backend as the previous developers suggested that.

Over time they realized that the MODX platform and the backend structure were limiting their ability to perform continuous A/B tests for improvement. Operating in the fast-paced startup world, they were getting frustrated with the inability to update designs and page content from the website backend.

We hired Designs Codes to help develop and deliver custom development projects including projects related to our application and website.

Craig Knowles, Marketing Manager, Market Dojo

Our solution

We recommended a complete overhaul of the CMS backend and to move to WordPress. We also offered them a limited trial run to showcase our capabilities. After multiple meetings with all the stakeholders, it was decided that we will re-do the UX design as well to conversion optimize the website.

We provided an end-to-end solution including research on their ideal target audience, UI/UX design, backend development in WordPress, server-side security etc.

Eventually, we started ongoing maintenance, continuous upgrade to the website and also worked on the application.

The result

Within a few months after we started working with them, Market Dojo saw a significant increase in leads and engagement on the website. This included an increase in organic traffic, reduction in bug tickets, and most importantly improved user experience.  

Our dedicated Account Manager and developers provide ongoing support and advice.

With our help Market Dojo has grown to new heights in the last couple of years. As they scale their business, they keep adding more responsibilities to our team. 

The relationship that we have with is very special. We can rely on them to provide us with the support and time that's needed to ensure that we reach our goals together.

Craig Knowles, Marketing Manager, Market Dojo

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