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About Divert Alert

Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions is a leading US brand in Comprehensive Opioid Drug Regulatory Compliance. It was founded by former law enforcement officers working with clients who deal with administration and dispense of controlled substances. 

Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions found out there is a need for someone to be an advocate between regulators and the opioid drug industry. It took up the task of ensuring compliance, exposing diversion, and most importantly protecting the client’s interests. 

Their proprietary software Divert Alert is a controlled substance diversion prevention tool.

The challenge

Divert Alert was launched long back as a desktop application. However, in recent years, the market demand shifted towards easy to use and intuitive web applications. 

Airis management knew this was a chance to completely overhaul the product. This would also allow them to focus on adding more features on a single platform rather than having to develop and manage the desktop applications for multiple Operating Systems. 

As the technical debt kept mounting over the years Airis identified major roadblocks as:

  • Only desktop applications
  • No scalable options
  • No realtime sync across multiple customer locations
  • No data backup
  • Outdated IT support
  • No cloud-based system

Finished modules had minimal bugs or errors and those that were identified were resolved quickly. The final Finished product has been in operation for approx. 1 year without any major issues reported by our clients.

Jeffrey Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions

Our solution

We started from scratch, by creating wireframes and data flow diagrams for the new web application. Our grounds up approach also included creating a better UX for the end-users.

The web app was built using Angular on the front-end and Laravel on the back-end with MongoDB as a database. Being in the healthcare industry, which is highly regulated in the US, the software needed additional security measures beyond routine work.

We made the web application HIPAA and HITECH compliant with the highest level of security on the server-side. The new web application runs on AWS on three different servers – production, database and backup.

The result

The new software product was ready before the agreed-upon TAT at the beginning of the project. Having a single web application meant, Airis could now focus on marketing the product aggressively without having the constraints of multiple OS compatibility. 

As their overall development effort and cost went down with the new web application, they have reduced the monthly/yearly licensing fees and that helped them acquire new customers easily. 

They asked us to integrate Allscripts APIs in the product to add more robust features. Recently NYS Veterinary Medical Society Partners with Airis.

The project has made it possible for us to offer our software to customers at a substantially reduced price while also providing enhanced functionality.

Jeffrey Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions

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