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Change The Way Businesses Think Digital

Our name says it all. We are here to create a perfect blend of designs and codes to build outstanding products and provide best in class services to small and medium businesses. We challenge you to solve problems that will change the way small and medium businesses build their online identity and go about digital marketing.

Working at designs codes is about doing what you love. We hire passionate people who believe they can make a difference. We hire trailblazers and hackers. The rebels and misfits, the round pegs in the square holes. We don’t hire people who would do just do any job to get a decent salary. Go through our core values listed below:


The quality of being open and honest. We believe this a primary human characteristic that shows who we are and as a company in placing utmost importance on it on every interaction we have among ourselves, our clients and vendors.


We do what we do as a company because we are passionate about it. Every individual working with us is expected to be passionate about their work and look for ways to continuously improve.


Often excellence is looked at as the destination to reach whereas it should be the way of life. We strive for excellence in every aspect of business and want the same from people associated with us.


Having a clear view of where we want to be and what we need to do in order to reach needs focus. For every single decision we take to do something new, there has to be numerous decisions to not indulge ourselves in other seemingly lucrative businesses and industries.


The world is changing daily, every minute. The speed of innovation has increased manifolds from what it was 10 years back. Businesses as well as individuals will thrive or fade away based on how urgently they feel the need to change and innovate.


Cut costs, maximize ROI, innovate and put in systems for better efficiency and add value to customers. No longer can product be a differentiating factor for a business. Customer service and satisfaction will drive the future and though often ignored by most frugality will help us to stay competitive


Serious business can be run without wearing a suit and great products can be built with a smile on the face. We are likely to be more engaged in a fun environment than when working in a boring, monotonous environment.

Behind The Scenes At designs codes

If You Have The Will, Along With Skills, Reach Out To Us!

We are hiring exceptional designers, front-end framework developers, back-end open source and mobile developers. Also we are on the lookout for social media and SEO experts, talented sales and marketing guys to help us grow exponentially.

Open Positions