My last five years with – A lasting memory

by August 19, 2020

Working at nearly 5 years was a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that they gave me the opportunity to balance work and life at all times during my time with I managed to contribute to the company and still always had quality time for my […]

Five perseverance lessons we can learn from MS Dhoni

by Aripriya Basu August 16, 2020
perseverance lessons from MS Dhoni

The eventful journey of jersey no. 7 drew to a sweet end when MSD announced his retirement over an Instagram video. But Captain Cool will continue to rule hearts even though he has now officially put down the bat. His vigilance will still guide us from behind the stumps, and yes, his offbeat team tactics […]

10 Hacks to build a personal brand that stands out

by Aripriya Basu August 14, 2020
build a personal brand

If you wish to become an online influencer, start to build a personal brand. Neil Patel did not become who he is in a day. It took him years and continuous work for quite some time to position himself as an authority in digital marketing. Not everyone is #Binod, rising from the ashes of YouTube […]

Professional networking on Facebook – Tips to follow

by Aripriya Basu August 10, 2020
professional networking on Facebook

Is Facebook only used for posting Sunday recipes and movie reviews? Think again, what do you use Facebook for? The casual movie update? A restaurant review? Playing “show me my future baby face” games? Of course, all of these are fun, and indeed you require such stuff from time to time, but is that all […]

How to quit job on a good note? The dos and don’ts

by Aripriya Basu August 7, 2020
quit job - dos and donts

Ever wanted to just walk into your boss’ office and say “I quit” and then moonwalk out of the door? Sounds super dramatic, right? But, unfortunately, this does not happen in real life. Getting a job and leaving the same involves a few dos and don’t, and saying “I quit” is not enough. So, if […]