The most in-demand programming languages to learn for 2021

by Aripriya Basu October 22, 2020
programming languages to learn

It’s said that bilingual people have a lot of advantages in their professional life.    If your CV says you speak more than one language you are in for some big chunk of benefits.    That be the case, imagine being multilingual!     However, it’s a choice for people. Even if some choose not to know more than […]

Top seven ethics at workplace recruiters and hiring managers look for

by Aripriya Basu October 14, 2020
ethics at workplace

Let’s start out simple. Things that push your success train: Honesty Dependability Professionalism Responsibility Things that stop your success train Arrogance Stubbornness Pride Self-importance Even if your domain knowledge is still budding, having positive ethics at workplace can fast forward your growth and success rate. But, if you are too proud to learn from your […]

Myths and facts you need to know about the importance of internship

by Aripriya Basu October 6, 2020
importance of internship

Job or an internship? Are you stuck in this dilemma too? You are one of the many youths who face this question every year right out of the threshold of their college life. While you might be all excited and bubbling with energy to bag your first job, an internship might be ideal for you […]

How to motivate a remote team – Dos and don’t you need to know

by Aripriya Basu September 30, 2020
motivate a remote team

Imagine you are locked up in a room with only your laptop and phone. You have multiple tasks on your to-do list and just 9 hours to complete the same. So, you get started with it and finish the tasks by EOD. Not, bad right? Now imagine you have to do this day in and […]

Accountability at the workplace – Ask someone to monitor work

by Aripriya Basu September 23, 2020
Accountability at the workplace

Le Tom is responsible for the Facebook ad campaign. Le Tom is accountable for the Facebook ad campaign. What is the difference? Or, is there any difference at all? In everyday life, not so much maybe, but when it comes to business, there is a huge difference. The difference is simple but profound. Responsibility: Tom’s […]