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How to quit job on a good note? The dos and don’ts

by Aripriya Basu August 7, 2020
quit job - dos and donts

Ever wanted to just walk into your boss’ office and say “I quit” and then moonwalk out of the door? Sounds super dramatic, right? But, unfortunately, this does not happen in real life. Getting a job and leaving the same involves a few dos and don’t, and saying “I quit” is not enough. So, if […]

Eight grammar mistakes to avoid while writing work emails

by Aripriya Basu August 6, 2020
grammer mistakes

“Hello, Tom, Your meeting has been scheduled at noon, at the Wellington hotel. Your project manager will meet you their. Please, send me updates every day. Regards, Harry” As much as Tom will appreciate the update, he will either be rolling on the floor laughing or rolling his eyes owing to the funny grammar mistakes […]

Must know productivity tips for remote working jobs

by Aripriya Basu July 27, 2020
Productivity tips for remote working jobs

If you are working from home on a remote job, then you are probably aware of the struggles that it brings along. Yes, you get more time to spend with your family, there are no rush hours in the morning and you perhaps have enough time to do both yoga and free-hands. ..but, that’s not […]

Essential soft skills for developers to fast forward career growth

by Aripriya Basu July 6, 2020
soft skills for developers

What exactly happens when a developer goes for an interview? After the initial discussion, they are generally made to sit for a machine test. This is followed by another round of discussion with the team lead and finally an HR round. If the outcome from all the steps match the company requirement, the candidate is […]

Questions you can expect to be asked in interviews for remote positions

by Aripriya Basu June 19, 2020
interviews for remote positions

Remote working is not all about waking up late and staying in your pajamas. At the end of the day, it is work. Indeed, there are many perks that you can get. First, you need not go out of the house! Two, you can work from your bed, and stay under your cover all day […]