Design Thinking vs Six Sigma – Which is better for the Project Managers?

by Aripriya Basu November 30, 2020
Design thinking vs Six Sigma

Project management is what makes an IT services company. So to all project managers out there, take a bow!  Not only do they ensure seamless project delivery but they also take the wrath of the clients if anything is to go amiss.  In short, they are the frontline fighters.  But only excellent communication skills and […]

Side hustle for programmers – Opportunity or a waste of time?

by Aripriya Basu November 23, 2020
The CEO Story Award -

Software engineering or programming is one of the most sought-after professions. Everyone wants to be one.  In fact, many plan to be one right from their school days. And why not. A quality software engineer can earn a seven-figure salary in a year!  That is some handsome money.  But yes, the student loan won’t pay […]

How to explain reasons for career break in your next job interview?

by Aripriya Basu November 14, 2020
Reasons for career break

There are a lot of things to be embarrassed about in life, however, a break in your career is not one of them.  So relax.  If you do have a gap in your career be assured you are not the only one.  Your Armani clad CEO was perhaps without a job for 6 months, and […]

Importance of writing skills for engineers – Practice daily to get better

by Aripriya Basu November 6, 2020
Importance of writing skills for engineers

Do you know what Durjoy Dutta, Chetan Bhagat, and Anand Neelakatan have in common?  They are all engineers-turned-writers! Well, you might not want to be the next bestselling author, but you need to understand the importance of writing skills for engineers if you wish to shine in your career.  Who says words don’t mix with […]

Me and the DC Universe – A place where words are not enough

by Aripriya Basu October 29, 2020
Me and the DCverse -

The first thing I ever wrote was a piece on time in 2004.  My mother read it and said it was good. Coming from her it was a big compliment.  Being an English teacher, she seldom praises words.  I knew it meant something. Thus after completing my Masters in Social Welfare in 2017 I finally […]